Student Key Account Activation

Your Wake Tech Key Account is the username and password combination you will use to access all Wake Tech sites and resources. Anywhere that refers to a "Key Account Login" or a "Username and Password" refers to these credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get an Account Activation Error Message?

If you enter your information incorrectly when activating your Key Account, you may see one of the following error messages:

  • Key Account does not match the ID number entered.
  • Birthdate does not match the ID number entered.
  • First Name does not match the ID number entered.
  • Last Name does not match the ID number entered.

One of the most common reasons why you may receive these error messages is you may have entered your information incorrectly on the form. This includes misspelling your Key Account Login, or your First or Last Name. Another reason is that you may have entered your Wake Tech ID Number incorrectly.

Make sure you enter your Key Account, Birthday, First and Last Name correctly, as well as your Wake Tech ID Number.

​How do I Reset My Password?

The following article will assist you in resetting your Key Account password.

1. You may reset your password by selecting the Change Password on the Self Service page, you may also visit the site directly by typing in the url.

2.  On the next page, enter all of the required information. Then click the Submit button.

3.    On the next page, you will be prompted to answer one of the three questions you had selected when activating your account. This is to help safeguard your Key Account. Make sure your answers are easy to remember.

NOTE: Your answers are case-sensitive. 
If you are unsure what your security question may be please contact the IT Service Desk at 919-866-7000 and an agent will assist you in resetting your questions. 

Once you have answered your question you may click the Submit button.

4.    On the next page, you will be required to enter your password. Your password should be strong and must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be at least 8 characters in length
  • Cannot contain your account name or parts of your full name that exceed two consecutive characters
  • Contains characters from three of the following four categories:
    • English uppercase characters (A through Z)
    • English lowercase characters (a through z)
    • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
    • Non-alphabetic characters: for example   @   #   %  :   -
  • Cannot contain the characters:   !   &   { }  ~   "   `   '   < >  +   =   [   ] * $

Enter your new password in the New Password field located on the left-hand side, and enter your new password again in the New Password Again field located on the right-hand side. Then click the Submit Password Change button.

  • NOTE: The password reset may take 5-10 seconds to complete. Do not navigate away from the page until you see the "Password Reset Successfully" page.

Why do I need to answer security questions?

Security questions help safeguard your Key Account in the event your personal information is compromised and someone is trying to change your password without your knowledge and consent. Students are encouraged to select and answer three (3) security questions.

The next time you have to change your password, you will be prompted to answer 1 of the 3 security questions you selected. The question is random each time. If you are unsure of the security question you may contact the IT Service Desk at 919-866-7000.

How long do I have to wait to register for classes after activating my account?

Once you have successfully activated your Key Account, you can log into Self Service or WebAdvisor.

NOTE:  Before registering, you are required to contact your advisor in case of any academic holds. Also, make sure of your designated registration date before trying to register.

What if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can simply use the Reset My Password ( link. You will need your Wake Tech ID number and Key Account Login, and you will have to answer a random security question before you can reset your password.

NOTE: The answer to your security question is case-sensitive.

How do I access the student portal?

Go to 

The student portal is the central hub for students to access email, WebAdvisor, and Blackboard, as well as keep track of campus announcements, events, register for wireless access, and take course evaluations. In addition, the Student Portal offers information about student benefits and discounts, the Student Clearinghouse, and Campus Life.

How do I access my WTCC email?

You can access your WTCC account from the portal:


TIP: Make sure you check your student email
account regularly. Student email is Wake Tech’s official
communication channel for relaying information to
students. All emails from Wake Tech will be sent to your
student email account.