ESL Placement Test

Before requesting to take the English as a Second Language (ESL) placement test, students must apply for admission to Wake Tech. Then, they should email a testing request to [email protected].

The ESL placement test is designed for any student whose native language is not English. The computer-based, untimed test measures multiple levels of English proficiency and is used to place students in appropriate English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses and maximize their potential for success.

The placement test consists of two areas: reading skills and language use. After testing, students will be referred to the EFL Advising Center, where a writing sample and an in-person interview will be conducted.

Students taking the ESL placement test are encouraged to view sample ESL questions to prepare for the test. NOTE: The only sections that are needed are Reading Skills and Language Use, which are page 14, part of page 15 and page 17.