Enrolling in CCP

1.  View Mandatory Information Session Online and complete the required sign-in questions at the end of the video (this is the only way to obtain application materials)

  • The online version can be found on the "Information Sessions" page. 
  • At the end of the session, you will be required to sign-in to access the CCP Application Form and Enrollment Documents. 

2.  Submit application materials (checklist provided for guidance) by the deadline*

  • For instructions and important information on how to submit materials, see the following below:
    • CCP Enrollment Checklist for New CCP Students (Coming Soon)
  • CCP Application Form (ATTENTION: The CCP Application Form/Link can be accessed by completing the required questions within the sign-in link at the end of the Mandatory Information Session Online video)
  • Eligibility Verification (EV) Form - This form is updated each academic year, so make sure you complete the most up-to-date form
  • Updated high school transcript (unofficial)
  • Unofficial test scores (if applicable)
  • Other supporting documentation (if applicable) which may include:
    • Achievement/Assessment test scores
    • Memo(s)
    • AIG Identification 
    • Any other supporting documentation
  • Application materials must be submitted and processed before you can test (if applicable).
  • For students interested in the following Special Programs, see information within the links provided:

3.  Receive confirmation of complete CCP Admissions Packet

  • You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been received and processed.
  • If you need placement testing, you can test once confirmation is received.
  • Incomplete or incorrect packet information will slow down your processing.

4. Wait for CCP Admissions Packet Review

  • Once your CCP Admissions packet has been received, it must be reviewed by CCP staff to determine admission. This step takes time to complete.
  • You cannot be accepted unless all required information is provided and your admissions packet is complete, including any necessary test scores and documentation.
  • Incomplete or incorrect packet information will slow down the review and delay your admissions decision.

5.  Receive Official Acceptance Letter

  • This will include information regarding completing Activating your Account, New Student Orientation and more. 
  • Incomplete or incorrect packet information will delay your admissions decision and the arrival of your admissions letter.

6.  Complete New Student Orientation (Required for New Students)

  • You must activate your account before completing New Student Orientation
  • Visit orientation.waketech.edu to sign up for a mandatory session (Online or Seated).
  • Only new students to CCP will complete orientation. Continuing students do not need to complete.
  • Campus tours, student ID’s and parking decals information provided.

7.  Register for classes in Self-Service

  • Make sure you have completed the eLearning Intro (Required for New Students) before attempting to register for an online class via eli.waketech.edu
  • Search Self-Service for open sections within your pathway. Pay attention to prerequisites for classes. 
  • CCP students can only register for open classes within the pathway(s) to which they have been admitted. Registering for courses outside of a pathway will result in courses being dropped.
  • CCP students must drop themselves from classes they no longer wish to take. For information about dropping or withdrawing from courses, visit Drop, Add, Withdraw from a Class.
  • Be sure that your high school schedule aligns with the courses you select for registration.
  • NOTE: Remember, when choosing pathway options, students are relegated to the allotted credits and restrictions within the disciplines. 

8.  Confirm your class schedule 

  • Log in to Self-Service to view your schedule. Class schedules are not mailed to students. 
  • Be sure to check your schedule close to the time of class start. Courses are sometimes closed by the department which could affect your schedule. 

9.  Attend CCP Advising (if applicable)

10. Obtain Student ID/parking decal

  • If you did not do this at orientation or open lab, you can do so anytime. You will need your Wake Tech Student ID and your vehicle registration. 
  • You will need a student ID card even if you are an online student.

11.  Purchase textbooks and/or required course materials

12.  Attend class!