Form a carpool with classmates or neighbors – it’s a great way to improve your commute and go green! Carpoolers even get preferred parking on many Wake Tech campuses. Get started by visiting Share the Ride NC. You’ll be matched with other riders based on location, schedule, and preferences. There’s even a tool to calculate the cost savings and environmental impact of carpooling!

Preferred parking spaces for carpoolers are located on many of our campuses. To obtain your carpool permit, call 919-866-5697 or send an email to [email protected].


As an employee, there are added benefits for carpoolers when you register with Share the Ride NC - search for a carpool or track your smart commute in the Commute Calendar. When you track your commute, you will earn points which you can redeem for prizes through the GoPerks incentive program. You can also earn points for working from home when you track your "non-commute!"

In addition, employees are eligible to use the Emergency Ride Home program. When you register for  ERH, you will be able to print a free voucher good for a rental car or taxi ride home. You may use the service twice in a given month, up to six times per calendar year. Full, detailed instructions for the service will be provided once you register. Students do not qualify for this program. You will be responsible only for the taxi driver's tip or gas used in the rental car.