HUB Program

Wake Tech is dedicated to supporting Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) in campus construction projects and in the procurement of equipment, goods, and services for the college. Providing HUBs with fair and equal access, to the greatest extent possible, to all phases of college procurement activities is in keeping with Wake Tech’s mission to “lead the way.”

In adopting this HUB Program, Wake Tech supports NC G.S. 143-128-2, striving to achieve or exceed a goal of 10 percent participation by HUB-Certified firms on all public construction contracts.

Program Objectives

  • To provide HUBs with equal access and opportunity in the design, construction, and community participation aspects of Wake Tech construction projects;
  • To encourage the participation of HUB-certified firms by directing them to department stakeholders and construction companies that can benefit from their services;
  • To comply with the 2001 adoption of a resolution by the State Board of Community Colleges expressing its intent for each college to achieve the 10 percent goal;
  • To inform Wake Tech stakeholders about HUBs and raise awareness of the services offered by HUB firms with the capacity to compete for Wake Tech contracts;
  • To expand economic opportunity and support job creation in the minority business community, and to support economic development throughout Wake County and North Carolina;
  • To conduct and sponsor education and training workshops that support HUB firms in becoming active participants in contract opportunities at Wake Tech.  

Program Services

Marketing: Increase internal and external awareness of the Wake Tech HUB Program through the website and through trade shows and other community events.

Outreach: Attend all project outreach and pre-bid conferences, share information about bid notifications via various outlets, and engage in continuous recruitment efforts.

Technical Assistance: Provide one-on-one technical assistance to HUB firms and partner with other entities to offer assistance on a variety of topics.

Utilization: Provide HUBs with equal opportunity to participate in every aspect of Wake Tech construction and procurement. Work with project managers to enhance HUB utilization in construction-related projects and with Business Services staff to enhance HUB participation in procurement.

Compliance: Monitor projects to assess the participation levels submitted at the beginning of the project. Evaluate good faith effort by the contractor and determine compliance with regard to quantity, intensity, and results of effort as they relate to G.S. 143-128.2.

HUBs: Why Contract with Wake Tech?   

  • Develop and expand your business through exposure to Wake Tech construction and procurement contract opportunities.
  • Promote your services by joining the list of Wake Tech-certified businesses through the Vendor Registration process.
  • Receive notice of Wake Tech bid opportunities, RFPs, and RFQs.
  • Receive information about networking events.
  • Receive technical assistance as needed from the HUB Program Coordinator.

Wake Tech Facilities Design and Construction Program Certifications

Even though Wake Tech Facilities Design and Construction maintains a list of both non-HUB and HUB firms who want to do business with us, HUB firms are encouraged to become certified by an accepted certifying agency. 

Wake Tech accepts certifications from the following agencies:

Other Certifications for Minority Business Enterprises

Contact Us

Carla Daniels
HUB Coordinator
[email protected]