As a Wake Tech student or employee, you are eligible for a FREE regional GoPass! The GoPass allows you to ride any local or regional bus route for free. This includes all buses in GoTriangle, GoRaleigh, GoCary and GoDurham systems.

To be eligible, you must currently be enrolled in a seated Wake Tech class and have a current, valid Wake Tech ID. All full and part-time employees are eligible for GoPasses.

To get your GoPass, visit the ID/parking office:

  • Southern Wake Campus: Building A (Holding Hall) - 102
  • Northern Wake Campus: Building D - 103
  • Perry Health Sciences Campus: Building A - 145
  • Beltline Education Center

To use your GoPass:

  • Visit gotriangle.org or Google Maps to plan your trip, which bus to ride, and when and where to board. You may also contact Wake Tech’s Transportation Coordinator for additional assistance.
  • Tap your GoPass on the electronic fare box in the bus (next to the driver).
  • Show the bus driver your Wake Tech ID when prompted.

GoPasses will be deactivated for students who lose their pass, do not comply with requirements, or are no longer enrolled.

Don’t lose your GoPass! The pass is good through January 31, 2022 and must be replaced in the ID/parking office.

The GoPass IS NOT transferable – it is valid only for the student to whom it was issued. 


Riding the Bus to Your Campus

If you are interested in planning your transit commute, start simple with Google Maps. You can click the Transit icon at the top of the directions box to see your full commute by bus. For additional assistance, contact John Majernik at [email protected] or 919-866-5697

     1.  Southern Wake Campus:

GoRaleigh Route 40X Map and Schedule

The 40X is a direct bus route to Southern Wake Campus from GoRaleigh Station in Raleigh. It is FREE to ride with a valid Wake Tech ID. The 40X operates on a modified schedule during student breaks when the college is still open and on its summer schedule during our summer semester.

     2.  Scott Northern Wake Campus

GoRaleigh Route 1 Map and Schedule

GoRaleigh Route 25L Map and Schedule

GoTriangle Route NRX (Scott Northern Wake Campus to RTP Campus)

GoRaleigh Route 401X (From Rolesville)

From GoRaleigh Station, take GoRaleigh route 1 to Triangle Town Center. At Triangle Town Center, get on GoRaleigh route 25L and you will arrive at Wake Tech's Northern Wake Campus in less than 15 minutes. When leaving Northern Wake Campus to head back to Triangle Town Center to catch route 1, look for the bus that has “TO CARLOS DRIVE” on its digital sign.

Traveling between Southern Wake Campus and Northern Wake Campus is easy! Take route 40X from Southern Wake Campus to GoRaleigh Station where you will get on route 1, and then jump on the 25L at the Triangle Town Center stop. 

     3.  Perry Health Sciences Campus

GoRaleigh Route 15 Map and Schedule

GoRaleigh Route 19 Map and Schedule

From GoRaleigh Station, take GoRaleigh route 15 to the stop at WakeMed at Wake Tech bus stop. Or, take route 19 and get off at Calumet and Sunnybrook.

     4.  Beltline Education Center Bus Service – GoRaleigh Route 2 (Falls of Neuse) AND Bush Street Shuttle

GoRaleigh Route 2 Map and Schedule

Bush Street Shuttle

From GoRaleigh Station, take GoRaleigh route 2 to Wake Forest Road. The Bush Street Shuttle that connects the Wake Forest Road stop to Wake Tech’s Beltline Education Center on Bush Street.

     5.  Public Safety Education Campus Bus Service – GoRaleigh Route 40X (Wake Tech Express) OR GoRaleigh Route 7 (South Saunders)

GoRaleigh Route 40X Map and Schedule 

GoRaleigh Route 7 Map and Schedule

You can either take the 40X from Southern Wake Campus OR GoRaleigh Station to the State Employees Credit Union/Chapanoke Road and Hammond Road stop (you will have to walk a half mile up Chapanoke Road to get to the Public Safety Education Campus), or take GoRaleigh route 7 and get off at the Wilmington Street and Chapanoke Road stop (by Bojangles).

     6.  RTP Campus - GoTriangle Route 310

GoTriangle Route 310

Route 310 connects the Regional Transit Center to RTP Campus. There are many ways to get to the Regional Transit Center:

From Raleigh: GoTriangle Route 100

From Durham: GoTriangle Route 700

From Chapel Hill: GoTriangle Route 800

From Cary: GoTriangle Route 300