Success Stories

"I am a Wake!"

What does it mean to be a Wake? It means you’re part of the Wake Tech family of students, graduates, and supporters throughout the community. It means you’re informed, engaged, enthusiastic about sharing what you know – and always continuing to learn.

Wake Tech changes lives. We offer relevant instruction by skilled and caring faculty, expert guidance, and the support students need to excel. Our graduates are sought after because they are competent and confident – whether skilled technicians, industry professionals, or adventurous entrepreneurs. Success stories of all kinds begin at Wake Tech!  

Martha Liles photo

Wake Tech: Providing Tools for Small Businesses

Martha  Liles - Class of 2011

“People should definitely check out what Wake Tech has to offer!”

Emily Ward Photo

It’s All About Balance

Emily  Ward - Class of 2011

“My growing family, my career, and my education - they’re all important. With online classes at Wake Tech, I can balance everything I value and enjoy life!”

Haley Swanson photo

A True Life-Saver

Haley  Swanson - Class of 2011

“It’s a really good feeling knowing we made a difference.”

Pat Bazemore photo

Top Law Enforcement Officer Chalks Up A Number Of “Firsts”

Pat  Bazemore - Class of 2010

“Without having gone through the Criminal Justice program at Wake Tech, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Virginia Brodie photo

A Push in the Right Direction

Virginia  Brodie - Class of 2010

“My education has given me skills and employability, I’ve gained financial stability, and I’ve found peace of mind.”

Charles “Chuck” Bunn

A Culture of Excellence Benefits All

Chuck  Bunn - Class of 2010

“The feedback we get from universities is that Wake Tech students’ preparedness often exceeds that of university students.”

Satya Chaulagain

Nursing Job is a Dream Come True

Satya  Chaulagain - Class of 2010

“It’s still hard for me to believe how lucky I am.”