Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance from the Wake Tech Foundation allows faculty and staff to stay ahead of the curve and pursue advanced degrees, career credentials, and professional development. Leadership Development grants foster collaboration and encourage creative ideas. Over 475 employees have received tuition assistance since the program began. 

2016-17 Tuition Assistance: $75,000 (165 employees)

The primary goal of the Tuition Assistance program is to assist in funding college credit courses for employees. Employees seeking required certification and licensure should speak to their supervisors about departmental funds for professional development.

Employees must submit an application for pre-approval prior to the semester/term of enrollment (dates listed below). Approved applicants will then submit a request for tuition reimbursement once they have completed the courses listed on their application. Please review the Tuition Assistance Application for all terms and conditions thoroughly before submitting your application. Terms and conditions can be found towards the bottom of the application.

Applications for pre-approval are accepted three times a year:

  • June 1 - July 1 for FALL: courses beginning August 1 - November 30
  • October 1 - November 1 for SPRING: courses beginning December 1 - March 31
  • February 1 - March 1 for SUMMER: courses beginning April 1 - July 31

View a sample application to see what information is requested and required.

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition Assistance is not the program which offers tuition exemption (one free course) to employees enrolled at Wake Tech. To learn more about Tuition Exemption, log into the Portal and then click here. Employees attending Wake Tech may request Tuition Assistance for Wake Tech courses beyond those covered by the Tuition Exemption benefit.


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