Advanced Manufacturing

Our 3,000-square-foot training center serves the needs of Wake County business and industry by providing workforce training for technicians in industrial automation, circuit board technology, collaborative robotics, basic machining, and 3D printing. All programs include hands-on lab training supplemented with online instruction through Tooling University. 

Advanced Manufacturing programs and courses: 

  • Industrial Automation: Electrical, PLC, Hydraulics, Pneumatics Controls
  • Circuit Board Technology: IPC Certifications in Circuit Board Assembly, Repair, Assessment, and Wire and Harness Fabrication

  • Collaborative Robotics: Robotics Utilization, Operation, Basic Programming

  • Introductory Machining and 3D Printing: Introductory Vertical Mill and Horizontal Lathe, 3D Printing, Mechanical Troubleshooting, Mechanical Blueprint Reading

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Industrial Automation CertificateISC-3138J11 available classes
Learn to build circuits from a schematic, using hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, and programmable logic controller (PLC) disciplines. Students first concentrate on the basics of individual disciplines and then build integrated circuits using all the components. They will l...
3D PrintingSEF-3001BQ1
This hands-on approach to the many aspects of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) uses a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) system in a safe and efficient manner. The course provides training in computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) using a business grade 3D Printer and 3D CAD So...
Cable & Wire Harness Fabrication/Installation, IPC 620 Certification CourseSEF-3001F1
The course enables students to understand procedures for fault finding, rectification, methods of soldering, and quality of finished product on cable and wire harness assemblies. Students will also learn the acceptability criteria for crimped, mechanically-secured, and solde...
Circuit Board Evaluation Specialist IPC 610 Certification CourseSEF-3001G1
This course presents the industry-approved inspection criteria for assemblies commonly encountered in an electronic assembly environment. The course prepares students to evaluate solder joints, wiring harnesses, circuit board hardware, printed circuit board damage, jumper wi...
Circuit Board Soldering and Rework 101SEF-3001BU1
This one-day training is chock full of amazing new technologies and techniques for soldering and repairing today’s complex printed circuit boards. It serves as an introduction to circuit board technologies as well as a refresher for those who want to sharpen their skills. St...
Circuit Board Soldering and Rework 102SEF-3001CA1
This course builds on Circuit Board Soldering and Rework 101 and refines those skills with hands-on practice. Students will further develop skills by removing and replacing component types using conductive and convective processes.
Collaborative RoboticsMEC-3010D1
Study the principles of collaborative robotics, their uses and multiple applications, and their operation and maintenance, through hands-on labs and online learning modules. This fascinating course includes materials from Tooling University On-Line, with input from the Soci...
Collaborative Robotics Technician Level 1 CourseMEC-3010H1
Study the principles of collaborative robotics, their uses and applications, and proper operation and maintenance through online learning modules and hands-on lab exercises. This fascinating course includes materials from Tooling University On-Line covering topics such as wo...
Electrical ControlsSEF-3001BM1
In this course, students will learn how to use industrial control components, electrical symbols, and electrical schematics; wire an industrial control circuit given a description and a schematic; procedures and techniques for troubleshooting and fault analysis; and multi-me...
Hydraulics ControlsSEF-3001BP1
In this course, students will use hydraulic components, symbols, and schematics; construct a hydraulic circuit that incorporates electrical and PLC controls, given a description and a set of schematics; and find and correct circuit faults, using troubleshooting procedures an...
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