Human Services Technology/ Gerontology Certificate

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The Human Services Technology/Gerontology concentration prepares students to specialize in direct service delivery work to older adults and their families. The curriculum provides both theoretical and applied models for understanding issues of aging. Course work includes physical, psychological, and social aspects of the aging process, as well as health, wellness, nutrition, diet, exercise, and well-being. Fieldwork experiences provide opportunities to work in a variety of public and private agencies. Graduates should qualify for employment in nursing and rest homes, specialized adult care services, respite services, and other programs servicing older adults and their families.

This certificate is designed for individuals who are enrolled in other human services programs and would like additional education on Gerontology or who are in professions where they will be exposed to older adults.  For example, this will provide increased knowledge for individuals in the field of nursing, health care, childcare and business. 

The Certificate consists of the following classes:

  1. GRO 120    Intro to Human Services
  2. GRO 220    Psy/Soc Aspects of Aging
  3. GRO 230    Health, Wellness, & Nutrit
  4. GRO 250    Aging Policies Programs & Serv
  5. HSE  251    Activities Therapy
  6. PSY 150      General Psychology