Pharmacy Technology

The Pharmacy Technology program prepares students to work as pharmacy technicians. These allied health professionals assist and support licensed pharmacists in providing prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, medical equipment and supplies, pharmaceutical care services, and other health care products and services for patients. The Pharmacy Technology Program curriculum is composed of classroom, laboratory, and clinical components. Classroom instruction is coordinated with laboratory activities and clinical experiences and provides a broad knowledge of prescription medications, pharmacology, medication therapy, drug interactions, anatomy and physiology, drug delivery systems, pharmacy administration, and clinical pharmacy services.  Simulated laboratory activities and clinical experiences allow students to develop and enhance skills to perform pharmacy-related functions, to operate automated and robotic pharmacy equipment, and to provide pharmacy services.  Clinical practice takes place in hospital, community and specialty pharmacies.

Please note that students must be 18 years of age at the start of the second semester of PHM classes.

Perry Health Sciences Admissions
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Pharmacy Technology Admission Checklist

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Admission into PHM classes is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Students must be accepted into the Pharmacy Technology program to be eligible to register for PHM courses. 

Once all admissions requirements have been met, submit a Pharmacy Technology program application to be considered eligible for the PHM program. 

  • Once admitted into the Pharmacy Technology classes, students are required to complete all clinical site requirements.  Information obtained from the criminal background checks and drug screenings could jeopardize the students' ability to participate in clinical experiences, to complete the program, and to be certified, registered and employed as a pharmacy technician.  Any student that has not met all requirements WILL NOT be allowed to attend clinical courses and cannot advance in the program. 


Note: Wake Tech Community College is continuously evaluating admissions procedures and reserves the right to make changes as necessary.