The SPEAK Center

The SPEAK Center (Speech Preparation Essentials and Knowledge) is a free tutoring service available to all students enrolled in a COM (Communication) course. SPEAK assists students in the creation and delivery of effective oral presentations and offers academic support in the communication discipline. Students have boosted their grades and their confidence by using our services.

We also offer workshops at various times throughout the academic year to help students, faculty and staff build communication skills.

SPEAK Presents... Workshops

We have three options to serve you:

  • Option 1:
    Upload a speech or assignment on the SPEAK center Blackboard site and get suggestions for improvement. You can also submit questions by video. Look for SPEAK in your list of Blackboard courses, then click on the Virtual SPEAK course link.
    Log in to Blackboard
  • Option 2:
    Meet with a tutor online for help with a speech or assignment.
    **Use your Wake Tech email address to reserve an appointment.**
    Online Reservation System  
  • Option 3:
    Walk into one of our locations to meet with a SPEAK tutor in person
    Current Hours
  • Scott Northern Wake Campus: Building E - 230A
  • Southern Wake Campus: Building B - 157B

Check the COM.SPEAK.CENTER course on Blackboard for current hours or email [email protected] for more information.