ILC Workshops 2019

2019 Writing and Study Skills Workshops

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Fall 2019 Writing and Study Skills Workshops

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Writing and Study Skills Workshop Descriptions

Academic Integrity Join us here at the ILC for the workshop Introduction to Academic Integrity, which will cover important school policies, rules, and guidelines that Wake Tech students need to follow to ensure that academic dishonesty issues don't arise.

Avoiding Plagiarism Students will gain knowledge about how to prevent plagiarism when writing and how to paraphrase by giving credit to previous researchers. They will learn how to make their own significant contribution by building upon what they hear and read using their own words and own voice.

Grammar Hour This workshop looks at four basic comma rules: commas with introductory clauses, commas with coordinating conjunctions, commas in a series, and commas with coordinate adjectives.

MLA - APA Learn how to use the APA Handbook and LB Brief to correctly cite sources, using the APA/MLA format. Also, students will understand the proper methods of incorporating sources: building paragraphs, which integrate the student's own analysis and conclusions with evidence, quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing, and giving attribution.

Revision Workshop This workshop introduces you to the steps you can follow as you prepare your final draft for submission for a grade. Bring your essay with you so that you can follow along in the process.

Scholarship/Application Essay: Students will learn the importance of specific details and developing a unique voice when writing college and/or scholarship essays. The workshop will also include discussion of good sentence and paragraph structure.

Writing under Pressure This ILC workshop will give you the tools and tricks needed to successfully complete any in-class writing exercise, exam, or assignment that may cause some unwanted nerves!