ILC Workshops SUMMER 2020

In Collaboration with Student Services

Becoming a Master Student

Starting with a skills assessment, this workshop introduces study skills, such as organization, time management, and note-taking, as well as offers students helpful tips on attitude, goal setting, and persistence. Upon completion of this workshop, students should be able to identify and apply useful strategies that make them stronger college students.

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Summer 2020 ONLINE Math Workshops

Our summer workshop series will help you learn strategies to be successful in your courses, especially as you transition to online classes.

  • How to organize yourself for success in your online math class
  • Productive thinking - Algebraic Habits of Mind ~ Doing and Undoing
  • Productive thinking - Algebraic Habits of Mind ~ Building rules to represent functions
  • Productive thinking - Algebraic Habits of Mind ~ Abstracting from computation

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