Academic Success Workshops

Academic Success Workshops are designed to help students develop successful college study habits. By signing up for various interactive workshops on campus, you can become a better college student by learning study strategies and tips to reach your academic goals.

The ILC hosts all workshops. Sign up below or contact the ILC staff at [email protected] or 919-866-6880.

Practicing Success

This workshop is for students on academic suspension or for anyone who wants to learn how to be a stronger college student.

Starting with a brief series of questions for self-reflection, the workshop introduces students to a variety of practices to help them better manage their learning experience:

  • Learning to examine our thinking
  • Identifying and managing underlying emotions
  • Recognizing areas of improvement
  • Discovering and using resources
  • Improving in key areas
  • Important study habits

Upon completion of the workshop, students should be able to identify and apply useful strategies that make them stronger college students.

Online math workshops

First-class tutors + online math workshops = Better grades

  • Test preparation workshops are targeted to improve focus on topics and concepts of study as students prepare for a specific exam.
  • Study skills workshops are designed to help students prepare the necessary skills to succeed at college.

Online computer workshops

Enthusiastic tutors + online computer workshops = Better understanding of course concepts

  • Workshops are targeted to improve understanding of the concepts that lead to course success.
  • "Follow Me" and Q & A formats are student friendly and can be especially helpful for non-native speakers.