Other Contributions to Wake Tech

Virtual Campus Community

“Eagle Stream” is a collection of online-streamed video programs derived from COMPASS that is transforming how remote students experience campus life. The service live-streams events, including supplemental academic activities, college transfer information, interviews with local leaders, and campus extracurricular activities from arts to athletics. Visit the Eagle Stream YouTube Channel to learn more:

Course Gamification

COMPASS team members developed an award-winning gamified instructional element to proactively combat poor student engagement. The spy-themed game, entitled “Operation Graduating Gilbert,” included both individual and group achievements for students who chose to participate. Online students thoughts of Operation Graduating Gilbert

High-quality Video Production Technology

Wake Tech outfitted and opened two video production studios, which serve as free tools available to instructors and students to create videos for integration into courses. These studios afford users with little to no expertise at video production the ability to produce high-quality videos at no cost. Read how the Wake Tech community can use the studio

Reduced Cost to Students

In an effort to promote active and engaged learning by online students, the COMPASS Intro to Business lead instructor, instructional designer, and instructional technologist collaborated to implement an OER textbook and develop complementary course materials for BUS 110. Students in the course were relieved of the burden of the cost of a textbook entirely, saving the online learners an estimated $360,000 annually. Wake Tech continues to explore opportunities to save students money through quality OER resources.

Future College and Community Research Partnerships

As Wake Tech’s first randomized controlled trial, COMPASS propelled Wake Tech into further rigorous research pursuits, a space often left unexplored by community colleges. COMPASS was the springboard for the formation of the Wake Tech Research Colloquium (WTRC), which aims to create a collaborative, cross-disciplinary community that supports increased research volume and quality. More information about the WTRC