Success Stories

"I am a Wake!"

What does it mean to be a Wake? It means you’re part of the Wake Tech family of students, graduates, and supporters throughout the community. It means you’re informed, engaged, enthusiastic about sharing what you know – and always continuing to learn.

Wake Tech changes lives. We offer relevant instruction by skilled and caring faculty, expert guidance, and the support students need to excel. Our graduates are sought after because they are competent and confident – whether skilled technicians, industry professionals, or adventurous entrepreneurs. Success stories of all kinds begin at Wake Tech!  

MiShelle Devereaux photo

Soaring Towards a New Career

MiShelle  Devereaux - Class of 2011

“Wake Tech got me started on a path toward working in a field that I love.”

Chris Robinson photo

Back on Track

Chris  Robinson - Class of 2011

“The Automotive Systems Technology program at Wake Tech made my dream possible.”

Bonnie Riehl photo

CNA Training Results in Job That’s “A Perfect Fit”

Bonnie  Riehl - Class of 2011

“It’s extremely heartwarming to know I’ve made a difference.”

Scott Bridges photo

A New Job With Opportunities Built In

Scott  Bridges - Class of 2011

“The JobsNOW program at Wake Tech was a great opportunity – I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s made all the difference for me.”

Patricia DeAnda-Likes photo

A College Degree – Times Three!

Patricia  DeAnda-Likes - Class of 2011

“I couldn’t have done it without Wake Tech!”

Dahlia Watkins photo

Military Vet Goes High Tech

Dahlia  Watkins - Class of 2011

“This has been a long time coming. I think my new employer saw the value of my Wake Tech education.”

Angela Nelson photo

Wake Tech Jobstart: A New Beginning

Angela  Nelson - Class of 2011

“The tools I learned in Wake Tech’s Jobstart program helped me then, and they’re still helping me today.”