Faculty/Staff Resources

You play an important role by observing and listening to your students, and helping them access wellness services when they are struggling or in distress. Wellness counselors are available to help if you are unsure about what a student needs.

Counselors can provide outreach programming and classroom presentations for students on wellness topics, and consultations with you about issues affecting your students, available services, and the referral process.   

Common indicators that a student is experiencing difficulty include:


  • Repeated absences
  • Deterioration of quality/quantity of work
  • Reference to suicidal/homicidal ideation in writings


  • Deterioration in physical appearance or personal hygiene
  • Noticeable markings including cuts or bruises
  • Disorganized speech, rapid or slurred speech, confusion

Behavioral and emotional

  • Angry or hostile outbursts
  • Sudden withdrawal or increased animation outside of character
  • Severe anxiety or irritability

Students in Crisis

If a student has made any kind of suicide attempt, gesture, has threatened suicide, or is violent or physically destructive, contact Campus Police as soon as possible at 919-866-5911.


Making Referrals

If appropriate, depending on the relationship you have established with a student, you may want to discuss your concerns and let the student know you would like to refer him or her for services.

To make a referral, submit an online referral form, available under Forms on the Wake Tech Employee Portal. You will be notified within three business days that your referral has been received.

Wellness Services cannot share additional information about the referral, whether the student made an appointment, or what transpired unless the student has provided written consent for the release of such information to you.  If concerned, you may wish to ask the student directly about the referral.

Other Resources