Writing Tutoring

If you're struggling with a writing assignment or simply want to strengthen your writing, reading and study skills, the ILC Writing/Study Skills Center can help.

Our professional writing tutors help you learn how to do the following:

  • Understand an assignment or text
  • Brainstorm and plan writing assignments
  • Craft a thesis, topic sentences and transitions
  • Revise for clarity and organization of ideas
  • Improve grammar usage and word choice
  • Integrate library resources into research essays
  • Understand and correctly document research in your writing
  • Prepare effectively for tests and exams

The free tutoring offered by the ILC can support your development as a college-level writer and researcher, enhancing the skills you need for college and for the workforce.

In-person tutoring

Walk-in appointments are available – check the main ILC page for operating hours on each campus – or students can schedule a tutoring session:

Building J, Room 102

Building 1, Room 209

Building E

Building F, Room 463

Second floor, inside library

Online tutoring

If you just want to discuss an assignment or writing issue over video, tutors are available for online sessions through Microsoft Teams.

For more information about ILC's writing tutoring services, call 919-866-6880 or email [email protected].