ILC Learning Styles

Do You Know How You Learn?

  • Talking or listening?
  • Concentrating on details or envisioning the big picture?
  • In an objective environment or a caring one?
  • Planning and scheduling, or studying in a burst of energy and curiosity?

Are You Studying Efficiently?

Take advantage of your strengths! Be sure you are studying efficiently!

In the ILC, our specially trained tutors can help you identify your personality type and discover how this impacts your learning style. The two-part workshop series is free.

Self Assessment Type Analysis form.

The ILC Nurtures Success!

Student Testimonial:

“After completing my type analysis I returned to the ILC for learning strategies. I learned many strengths and weaknesses that fit my personality type.” And now she has an A in her BIO-168 class!

Student Testimonial:

“At first I didn’t realize how important Learning Styles Assessments was to my studying habits: that was, until I found out the proper study methods to my personality type. Because of knowing my personality type, I can now study better and see my test results increasing due to my higher level of memory retrieval.”

Ready to Learn How You Learn?

Learning Styles Workshops are available in-person and online. Make an appointment today!