WakeWorks Apprenticeship Student Information

WakeWorks® Apprenticeship offers an extraordinary opportunity to get paid while gaining nationally recognized skills and professional credentials. Start your career today in one of nearly 20 high-demand industries:

Non-degree programs

Degree and diploma programs

* – Pre-apprenticeship programs, which are solely instruction and may or may not lead to an apprenticeship. These programs are designed to prepare individuals for entry into an apprenticeship program or other job opportunity.

Save money - WakeWorks funds will help pay tuition, fees and other expenses.


Earn while you learn - Earn a paycheck plus a nationally recognized credential

Grow professionally - Gain relevant cutting-edge skills through classroom and on-the-job instruction


Build a long-term career - Develop lasting connections with employers, co-workers and mentors

For more information, email [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

Are apprentices responsible for any fees?

WakeWorks® Apprenticeship scholarships cover up to $1,000 per year for tuition, fees, books and tools. For degree programs, the funds are applicable after any financial aid is applied.

How long are the programs?

Different programs have different lengths. Most apprenticeships run between two and four years, though some are as brief as one year and others go for six years.

If I'm not a Wake County resident, can I still qualify?

The program requirement is for employers to be in Wake County, but this does not extend to where an apprentice lives.

Can the apprenticeship certification transfer out of Wake County?

A Journeyman Certification is received when registered apprentices complete the program. This is a nationally recognized credential, meaning it is valid anywhere in the United States and U.S. territories

For the EMT to Paramedic apprenticeship, do I have to be employed as an EMT first?

You do not have to be an EMT. You would begin as a pre-apprentice when you are admitted and will receive all associated training.

If I already have work experience, can I still participate?

Apprentices with prior experience can participate in either the same field or another in which they may be interested. You can email our team for more information regarding the best path for you.