English as a Second Language (ESL)

Welcome to our ESL Program in Raleigh, North Carolina! 
Our program provides English instruction to adult non-native English speaking residents, living and/or working in the United States with a focus on college and career readiness skills. We offer classes at 11  locations throughout Wake County with many learning options including morning, afternoon and evening classes, as well as a  distance education and weekend option.  

  • For students who want to learn English to get a job or go to college
  • Classes are good for non-speakers through advanced levels
  • Develop college an career readiness skills; including technology, civics and workplace skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking experiences
  • For more information: 919-334-1501
  • An Adult Basic Education (ABE) program for students that have tested out of ESL, and need to increase their literacy skills
  • Developing foundational reading and vocabulary skills for college and career readiness
  • Prepares students for their next academic  step; High School Equivalency Preparation program or  a college or university curriculum program
  • For more information: 919-334-1501

ESL Online - Learn at home on the internet with instructor support

  • Individualized online curriculum to develop your career readiness and communication skills
  • Students must come to the Beltline Education Center for class orientation, registration and testing only
  • For more information: 919-334-1568

ESL Lab - Attend class once a week (3 hours) at the Beltline Education Center

  • Receive a weekly DVD and study packet to work on at home
  • Get individualized help with specific English needs in a small group
  • For more information: 919-334-1501 
  • For intermediate to advanced level ESL students
  • Learn the Naturalization process and Citizenship exam content
  • For more information: 919-334-1509
  • Student-centered support facilitated by trained ESL Instructors
  • Individualized online curriculum in listening, reading and pronunciation, as well as content areas and career readiness
  • Available only at the Beltline Education Center
  • For more information: 919-334-1509