English as a Second Language (ESL)



Welcome to our ESL Program in Raleigh, North Carolina! 
Our program provides English instruction to adult non-native English speaking residents, living and/or working in the United States with a focus on college and career readiness skills. We offer classes online and at multiple locations throughout Wake County with many learning options including morning, afternoon and evening classes, as well as a distance education and weekend option.


  • For students who want to learn English to get a job or go to college
  • Classes are good for non-speakers through advanced levels
  • Develop college and career readiness skills; including technology, civics and workplace skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking experiences
  • For more information: 919-334-1501

Students that test out of ESL and want to improve their academic English in reading, writing, math and technology skills may enroll in ABE classes for:

  • Preparation for enrollment in the High School Equivalency Program
  • Academic preparation for a college curriculum program
  • Getting a job or advancing in a job

ESL Online - Learn at home on the internet with instructor support

  • Individualized online curriculum to develop your career readiness and communication skills
  • Students must come to the Beltline Education Center for class orientation, registration and testing only
  • For more information: [email protected] WhatsApp ~ 919-263-0882
  • For intermediate to advanced level ESL students
  • Learn the Naturalization process and Citizenship exam content
  • For more information: 919-334-1509