English as a Second Language (ESL)


Welcome to our ESL Program in Raleigh, North Carolina! 

Our program provides English instruction to adult non-native English-speaking residents of North Carolina, with a focus on college and career readiness skills.
Classes are available with morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend schedules.  

REGISTER HERE for 2022 ESL classes.

Online AND in-person classes are available.

Watch this video for information about starting ESL classes.


  • ESL class seats are limited and in high demand.
  • English level will be assessed at registration.
  • 75% attendance is required for continued enrollment.
  • Students age 16 to 17 years of age require special paperwork. Read the Minor Policy

Opportunities for Adjunct ESL Instructors

ESL Classes

  • Teacher-led, interactive, online classes
  • For students who want to join a virtual English class to get a job or go to college
  • Classes are good for non-speakers through advanced levels
  • Develop college and career readiness skills; including technology, civics and workplace skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking experiences
  • For more information: 919-334-1501

Citizenship Preparation Online Classes

  • For intermediate to advanced level ESL students
  • Learn the Naturalization process and Citizenship exam content
  • To apply for Citizenship class, use the ESL Online Class application
  • For more information: 919-335-1058

ESL Independent Online Learning

  • Learn at home on the internet using Burlington English software with instructor support
  • Individualized online curriculum to develop your career readiness and communication skills
  • Students must connect to Zoom for class orientation, registration and testing only

College and Career Readiness Attendance Expectations

Success in our program requires time, hard work, and commitment. To support your success, our attendance policy requires that students attend at least 75% of their class meeting hours. The College and Career readiness program is delivered through hourly instruction. Therefore regular attendance is defined as arriving on time and participating in the entire class period. Students who are unable to meet this requirement will be dropped from their classes. Regular attendance will help you in the pursuit of your educational and career goals. It will also allow students to pre-register for classes in our next quarter (at locations where preregistration is an option).