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Bartending 101SEF-3001A31 available classes
Learn the basics of becoming a bartender. This course will prepare you for bartending through emphasis on ABC Laws, alcohol responsibilities, alcohol awareness, and bar setup. Hands on instruction will be provided on how to make many different drink recipes as well as Online...
Basic Auto MaintenanceAUT-3137G31 available classes
Learn skills for entry-level automotive service positions in oil and lube maintenance, and gain confidence for the job market. The course will cover automotive systems, driving safety, working in a bay area environment, customer service, service managers’ expectations and ca...
Basics of BiotechCSP-4000IU21 available classes
Explore biotechnology! This course gives students an introduction into the careers of a biotechnologist. Students will learn through experiences with molecular biology lab techniques, e-textiles, 3D printing, and other experiences in the world of microbes (the smallest livin...
Become a Cryptocurrency InvestorCSP-4000IH21 available classes
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular as an alternative form of money. Learn the fundamental concepts of cryptocurrency. Discover how it works — from addresses and transactions, to mining and the blockchain, to wallets and exchanges. Best practices, se...
Become a Veterinary AssistantANS-3011EE2 available classes
Do you love animals? Have you ever thought about a career as a veterinary assistant? This course, taught by a practicing veterinarian and college instructor, will give you the information you need to prepare for work in veterinary hospitals. If you're a pet owner, this cours...
Become a Veterinary Assistant II: Canine ReproductionANS-3011DE2 available classes
Practicing veterinarian teaches you to manage the entire canine breeding cycle, from assessing the health of parents to puppy care
Become a Veterinary Assistant III: Practical SkillsANS-3011FE2 available classes
Learn the practical skills you'll need to be a valuable veterinary assistant or educated pet owner. Taught by a practicing veterinarian, this course is the third installment in our "Become a Veterinary Assistant" series.
Become an Optical AssistantOPT-3020AE2 available classes
Learn what it takes to become an optical assistant and discover why it's one of today's most popular and fascinating career opportunities. If you think you'd like to become an optical assistant, this is the course for you! We'll take a comprehensive look into the diverse wor...
Becoming a Grant Writing ConsultantCOM-3711QE2 available classes
Increase your income while working from home by starting a grant writing consulting business. Good grant writing consultants are always in demand. Learn how you can use a basic knowledge of grant or proposal writing to become an expert in the red-hot grant consulting field.
Beginner's Guide to Getting PublishedCSP-4000DGE1 available classes
A successful, published writer shows you how to build credibility so that you can get your book or articles published. Do you know the five most common reasons manuscripts are rejected—sometimes instantly, without ever being read? Do you know how to correctly format and subm...
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