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Intro to Medical SonographySON-3100A31 available classes
This course is designed to provide an introduction to Medical Sonography. Topics include applications, terminology, history, patient care, ethics, and basic skills. Upon completion, students should also be able to define sonographic applications, basic patient care skills,...
Intro to PHP & MySQLCSC-3110AFE2 available classes
Learn how to create dynamic, interactive Web sites using PHP and a MySQL database server.
Intro to SQLCSC-3110AEE2 available classes
Gain a solid working knowledge of the most powerful and widely used database programming language. 
Introduction to Creating Word Press Web SitesWEB-3000AE1 available classes
Learn how to create attractive, sophisticated blogs and websites on your own —without any coding! WordPress is the world's most popular website publisher, powering more than 25% of all sites on the Internet. WordPress is easy to use and a fast and cost-effective way to get y...
Introduction to Criminal LawCJC-5010AE1 available classes
If you like Law and Order and CSI, you'll love this class! Step into the world of prosecutors and defense attorneys and explore the criminal justice system from the inside out. The dynamic instructor - a former major-felony prosecutor who has appeared on Court TV - will take...
Introduction to Interior DesignMKT-3429AE2 available classes
Are you a creative person with an eye for design? If so, this course will show you how to transform plain living spaces into beautiful and functional rooms. Interior design takes training as well as talent, and these lessons will give you the know-how you need to design a ro...
Introduction to Java ProgrammingCSC-3110BAE1 available classes
An experienced Java programmer introduces important Java topics with clear, step-by-step instructions.
Introduction to Microsoft Access 2019/Office 365OST-3100AHE1 available classes
Virtually every industry can benefit from the use of Microsoft Access to organize, store, and document their essential information. Data ranging from inventory and customer information to orders details and vendors can be effectively organized with Microsoft's longstanding s...
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016OST-3100WE2 available classes
If you work with numbers, you need to master Microsoft Excel 2016 – now available through Office 365 – and this in-depth course will help you do it! You’ll learn shortcuts and tricks for setting up worksheets, writing mathematical formulas, and using the function wizard to c...
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019/Office 365OST-3100AFE1 available classes
Do you manage large sets of numbers, names, dates, or other pieces of information? If so, then you need to create worksheets to manage, store, organize, and even analyze this information. Excel, Microsoft's powerful spreadsheet software, is the most widely-used program to ha...