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Teaching Pronunciation to English Language LearnersSEF-3001HO2
One of the biggest challengers for an ESL instructor is helping students master pronunciation. Learn basic phonology, the articulatory system and techniques for teaching English segmentals and suprasegmentals. Write lesson plans. Practice with both peers and ESL students.
Teaching Reading and Writing to English Language LearnersEDU-3002E2
Reading and writing are some of the most empowering skills that English language learners can develop, in any context. Learn techniques and strategies that you can apply to a wide variety of reading tasks to help your students with comprehension, reading speed, and vocabular...
Teaching the Beginning-Level English Language LearnerEDU-3002G2
Teaching adults new to the English language requires specialized techniques and materials designed especially for them. Learn how to create lesson plans for different types of beginner-level students including those with zero ability and those whose first language has a non-...
Team Leader TrainingSEF-3001BL1
This course provides training in the skills needed for team leadership, including communication, goal setting, time management, motivation, improved efficiency, diagnosing problems, and training others.
Team Leading Skills for New Supervisors and ManagersSEF-3001BT1
This course introduces the basic concepts of team leadership to newly-assigned supervisors and managers. Highly-interactive classes will include personality analysis and practice sessions on effective communication and conflict resolution.
Technical WritingSEF-3001ABG
Master the composition skills needed for a career in business and industry. This course is designed for anyone who wishes to develop technical writing abilities at a professional level. You'll learn research methods, audience considerations, style, drafting and revision tech...
Technology Tools for Job Search StrategiesHRD-3005N2
Learn to use computer technology, the internet, and e-mail to search for jobs – develop and market your brand, apply for multiple positions using search assistants, and identify resources that can help you find employment. Use word processing to create forms for tracking job...
The Biology of AgingCSP-4000IP2
What is the process of aging? Learn about the biology of aging by exploring the various physical and emotional characteristics that are normal to the aging process. Students will discover programs available to understand and improve quality of life during the aging process.
The Business of Writing for Young AudiencesSEF-3001IK2
If you have ever dreamed of writing a children's book or a young adult novel, this is great place to start!. During this course, you will focus on both the craft and the business side of writing books for young audiences. Discover the audience and the market. Develop your w...
The Business of Writing RomanceSEF-3001IZ2
During this course, we will look at the creative and business aspects of the romance genre, the number-one selling fiction genre in the market. Students will focus on the craft of writing romance through practical, hands-on writing exercises to work on elements like characte...