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Career Transitions Forum: Lecture Series for Business Professionals
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Intended Audience
Job Seekers in a Professional Field
Are you changing careers? This course is for you. Enjoy lectures, activities, and opportunities for networking and support. Topics vary weekly and incorporate professional community resources that provide a current, real-world perspective on the job market. Craft strategies for addressing issues and challenges. Enter the program at any time.
Course Objectives
  1. (1) have received and discovered new ideas and skills to incorporate into their professional repertoire for gaining employment;
    (2) have had the opportunity to evaluate, synthesize and discriminate information that is relatable and applicable to their job search and professional development;
    (3) have gained a current real-world perspective of opportunities, skills development and challenges for a career transition;
    (4) have networked with other job seeking professionals.
Outline of Instruction
  1. Lectures, lessons or activities will fall under one of the following core components and competency areas: Assessment, Self-Concept, Employability Skills, Communication Skills, Problem-Solving Skills and Information Technology. Lectures and topics (titles) will be determined on the availability of the speaker, and would include titles such as, but not limited to, the following in order to support HRD's components and competency areas.

    1. Behavioral Interviews
    2. Power Stories: Pitches and PARs
    3. Critical Communications in Job Search
    4. Using research to Power a Winning Job Search
    5. Handling the Interview: Strategies and Tactics
    6. How to Really Prepare for an Interview
    7. Compensation - From the Company's Perspective
    8. Research for Winning job Search
    9. Income Tax & Finance Organization Tips for Job Seekers
    10. Wake Tech HRD/CRC Overview
    11. Leveraging LinkedIn
    12.Facing the Interview - Strategies
    13. Regain Your Vision
    14. Communication Strategies for landing a Job
    15. Your Rights as A Job Seeker
    16. A Recruiter's Perspective
    17. Getting Along in the Workplace?
    18. How to Overcome Stressful Situations So You Can Move On
    19. How to Increase Your Influence, Credibility and Confidence
    20. What Are You Worth?
    21. Personal Branding
    22. Networking: A New Mindset
    23. World of Triangle Non-Profits, Volunteering and Job Opportunities
Contact Hours
Industry Standard, State, or National Certification
CE to CU Articulation
Text and Supplies Needed
Materials will be provided.
Clinical Site/Special Facilities
Requirements for Successful Completion of this Course
  1. Attendance 80% or above
  2. Participation
  3. There is no attendance requirement to successfully complete this course.
Accreditation/Special Approval Requirements
Intended Audience
Job Seekers in a Professional Field
Specific Industry or Business Support Needs
Industry or Job Titles Related to training Outcomes for Employment
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Course Contact Information
HRD Office
[email protected]
919-532-5694 or 919-532-5696