College Calendar

Hours of Operation

In order to conserve energy during the summer months and save money on security and housekeeping, portions of some campuses and centers will be closed on Fridays between May 12, 2023, and August 4, 2023. Below is an overview.

  • Western Wake and Public Safety Education campuses and the Beltline Center will continue with the standard five-day/eight-hour work schedule.
  • Southern Wake, Scott Northern Wake, RTP and Perry Health Sciences campuses will close as many buildings or portions of buildings on Fridays as feasible while conducting college business. Employees on these campuses may follow a four-day/10-hour work week based on college needs.
  • Financial Services will provide cashiering and other services on a five-day/eight-hour work week on Southern Wake Campus and other campuses as needed. Business Services will operate on a four-day/10-hour work week.
  • Student Services will provide enrollment, advising and other functions on a five-day/eight-hour work week on all campuses.
  • Eastern Wake Education Center closes during the day Fridays but is open Friday evenings and all day Saturday. This is the year-round schedule for the center.