Medical Sonography


Due to the lack of testing centers, students can meet the Nurse Aide requirement by either (1) having a current listing on the NC Nurse Aide registry OR (2) providing documentation of a state-approved Nurse Aide program within the past 2 years OR (3) providing documentation that student is currently enrolled in a state-approved Nurse Aide class that began prior to July 31 and will end by September 30, 2021. Students must submit the Nurse Aide documentation with their Medical Sonography program application to [email protected] by the July 31,2021 deadline.


The Medical Sonography Program prepares the student for a career as a medical sonographer, a skilled health care professional who uses high-frequency sound waves that produce images of internal structures of the body. Employment opportunities include hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices, medical laboratories, government agencies, and industry. The program is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS). 

Perry Health Sciences Admissions
[email protected]

Sonography Admissions Checklist


PHASE I: Apply to Wake Tech. The following steps are required to be classified as a Pre-Sonography student (working toward admission to the Sonography program). 

  • Complete the NC Residency Determination Interview.  
    A residency determination will be provided within 3 business days of completion. For more information regarding residency, visit:

  • Complete the Wake Tech Community College Application for Admission.

  • Complete the MANDATORY Information Session for Sonography by following the steps below 

    1. View the entire Medical Sonography information session here (it will be a SlideShare presentation).  
    2. Complete the Quiz of Understanding here. You will need to get a 100/100 score in order to get credit for completing the session.  The quiz has unlimited attempts.

    3. Please make sure to print out the Medical Sonography information session packet  

    4. Email [email protected] that you have completed all three steps above.

  • Request official transcript(s) from high school, or high school equivalency, and previous college(s). Transcripts may be sent electronically to [email protected]. Applications will not be processed until transcripts have been received. Once received, your file will be reviewed for admissions and course placement. 

  • Apply for Financial Aid and Veterans benefits. Students applying for financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit all supporting documents to make sure their request can be processed in time for the start of the semester. Be sure to include the Wake Tech school code: 004844.
  • Meet with a Health Sciences Admissions/Academic advisor once Phase I has been completed.

PHASE II: Apply to the clinical Sonography (SON) classes, following the steps below. Note that entry is a competitive process; submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance. 

  • Prerequisites: The following classes must be completed by the clinical application deadline with a grade of “C” or better to be eligible to submit the clinical application:
    • BIO 163 – Anatomy & Physiology or BIO 168 & BIO 169 (within 5 years of 1st SON class)
    • PHY 110 & PHY 110A – Conceptual Physics & Lab or college level physics with lab
    • ENG 111 – Writing and Inquiry
    • MAT 152 or MAT 171  (within 10 years of 1st SON class)
    • ENG 112 OR COM 110 OR COM 120 OR COM 231
  • Nurse Aide 1 (NA 1) This course must be completed, your certification must be current, and you must be listed on the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry ( by the Sonography application deadline and stay active until the beginning of the first clinical Sonography (SON) class.  Please note for the July 31, 2021 clinical application deadline, students do not have to be listed on the NC NAR. Students can meet the Nurse Aide requirement by meeting one of three options:  (1) Have a current listing on the NC Nurse Aide Registry OR (2) Provide verification that they have successfully passed a state approved Nurse Aide class within the past 2 years by the application deadline OR (3) Provide proof of being enrolled in a state-approved Nurse Aide class which began prior to July 31 and will end by September 30, 2021. Please submit this documentation with your clinical application.

    Wake Tech’s Workforce Continuing Education Division offers a Nurse Aide class. The registration process is done online at  Please note the registration cost will not be covered by financial aid. 

  • Complete TEAS testing (Test of Essential Academic Skills). The ATI TEAS must be taken prior to submitting your application for the pool/clinical courses by the appropriate deadline: January 31st for fall and July 31st for spring. It is advisable to take the TEAS after you have completed ENG 111 and BIO 163.  TEAS Retest Policy: If you need to retake the TEAS exam, you must wait a minimum of 30 days from your last exam date to retest.  Only two tests are allowed per calendar year.  Please visit the TEAS web page to view the registration instructions and policies for TEAS. 

  • Submit a Medical Sonography program application. All requirements above must have been met or the application will not be reviewed for the pool.

    • Please email your completed Medical Sonography program application to [email protected].

    • The Medical Sonography application deadline is January 31st for the fall class and July 31st for the spring class. 

    • Note: A new Medical Sonography application must be submitted for every deadline.

  • Once admitted into the Medical Sonography classes, students are required to attend a mandatory departmental orientation and complete all clinical site requirements.

Note: Wake Tech Community College is continuously evaluating admissions procedures and reserves the right to make changes as necessary.