Competitive and Noncompetitive Admissions Information

Competitive Admissions

To select applicants for programs with limited clinical spaces, Wake Tech uses a competitive admissions procedure with a point system – NOT a waiting list. When there are more applicants meeting admission requirements than available available seats, those applicants with the highest number of points will be selected. 

The Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, LPN-to-Nursing Advanced Placement, Medical Sonography, Nursing, and Radiography programs use a point system based on academic performance in specific postsecondary coursework to determine who will be selected to begin the program. 

Applicants will be assigned points based on the grades earned in the general education classes required for their program – general education classes such as ENG 111, PSY 150, BIO 163, or BIO 168. The better the grade, the more points a student will be awarded.  Please note that grades of "C" or better are required in all program-related curriculum classes. 

Program specific courses are the DEN, NUR, SON, and RAD classes that make up the curriculum.  Students cannot register for the program specific classes unless they are accepted into the program.

Program application deadlines:

  • Dental Assisting (Fall entry only) - May 15
  • Dental Hygiene (Fall entry only) - January 31
  • Nursing (Spring entry) - July 31
  • Nursing (Fall entry) - January 31
  • Radiography (Spring entry) - July 31
  • Radiography (Fall entry) - January 31
  • Sonography (Spring entry) - July 31
  • Sonogrphy (Fall entry) - January 31


Note: Wake Tech Community College is continuously evaluating admissions procedures and reserves the right to make changes as necessary.

Noncompetitive Admissions

Noncompetitive programs are programs that have limited enrollment, but do not utilize a point system to rank students for possible entry.

The Emergency Medical Science, Pharmacy Technology, Phlebotomy, and EDT programs admit students on a first-come, first-served basis until the cap is reached. Once classes are filled, additional applicants will be placed on a waiting list and offered seats if and when they become available.

The Medical Assisting and Medical Laboratory Technology utilize a two-step admission process.  Those applicants with the most general education courses classes completed with a “C” or better and with the earliest program application submission date will be selected for the available program seats.   

To be considered for entry into these programs, students must (1) meet all minimum admission requirements and (2) submit a program application no later than the application deadline.  Program applications can be found on-line under each specific program’s admission page and returned to [email protected].

Program Application deadlines:

  • Electroneurodiagnostic Technology (Fall entry only) - May 15th
  • Emergency Medical Science (Fall entry only) – May 15th
  • Medical Assisting (Fall entry) – May 15th
  • Medical Assisting (Spring entry) – September 15th
  • Medical Lab Technology (Fall entry only) – May 15th
  • Pharmacy Technology (Fall entry only) – May 15th
  • Phlebotomy (Fall entry) – May 15th
  • Phlebotomy (Spring entry) – September 15th