Prospective (New) CCP Students

Prospective (New) Students are defined as any students who have not been admitted into the CCP Program at Wake Tech (this also includes students who may have obtained CCP credits from a separate institution). If you are new to the program and interested in applying/enrolling, review and complete the following steps below. Welcome to CCP @ Wake Tech!

Step 1: Watch Information Session (Click Here) - Highly Recommended 

The first step to enrolling in the Career and College Promise program is to watch the Online Information Session. The Online Information Session covers eligibility requirements, the application process, pathway options, and course offerings. The Online Information Session is available to view 24/7. Parents are encouraged to watch with their student(s). Click Step 1: Watch Information Session above to access the Online Information Session.

Step 2: Explore Pathways & Eligibility Requirements
Students are highly recommended to explore the Pathways & Eligibility Requirements. For information on Pathways & Eligibility Requirements, access the following links:


Eligibility Requirements

Step 3: Print Enrollment and Eligibility Checklists

Enrollment Checklists

Special Pathways Checklists (Only for eligible 11th/12th Grade Students)

Step 4: Complete CCP Application Form (New Students Only)

To begin the application process, see the following below:

ATTENTION: The CCP Application Form for the 2022 Spring Term has closed!

WARNING: Review and access the CCP Enrollment & Pathway Eligibility Checklists for New Students
 and High School Transcript Checklist before proceeding...

CCP Application Form

  • Only one submission for this form is allowed (duplicates are not allowed)
  • Upon completing the CCP Application Form, students will receive an email from AdobeSign, to sign their application form electronically. Once the student signs electronically via AdobeSign, the student will receive the confirmation email with the Eligibility Verification (EV) Form link.

Eligibility Verification (EV) Form

  • The Eligibility Verification (EV) Form link will be located in CCP Application Form Received Confirmation Email
  • Attention: Ensure all information and email addresses are correct before submitting! Please refrain from utilizing the autofill feature on your device. WCPSS students can find their correct Principal/Designee email below...

CCP Application Form & EV Form Resources

Step 5: Check My Admissions Status (Click Here)
Wake Tech Admissions Services staff is available to assist applicants to check the documentation status of their CCP Application and/or Eligibility Verification (EV) Form. To schedule a virtual appointment to check you status, click "Step 5: Check My Admissions Status" above. 

Step 6: Receive Admissions Status Correspondence

New Students
Upon the successful review and processing of application materials by the CCP Team, new students will receive an acceptance letter containing information and instructions on next steps for enrollment which includes Student Key Account Activation. CCP students will use their Wake Tech Student ID # to create their account, not their Social Security Number.

Incomplete Status
Students who receive notification that their EV Form is deemed "Incomplete" will need to submit the requested documentation to [email protected]For additional assistance, refer back to Step 5 to schedule an appointment with a CCP Representative. 

Step 7: Complete New Student Orientation & eLearning Intro

To register for an online orientation session, visit New Student Orientation

To access the eLearning Intro, visit eLearning Intro

Step 8: Schedule CCP Virtual Advising Appointment (Click Here)

Newly, admitted CCP students can meet virtually with a CCP advisor upon acceptance into the program. Wake Tech advisors and CCP advisors do not meet with prospective students. To schedule a CCP advising appointment, click "Step 8: Schedule CCP Virtual Advising Appointment" above. 

Attention: 9th/10th Grade students who have been approved for a College Transfer Pathway are required to schedule a "Mandatory Academic Advising" Appointment before being cleared to register for courses.

Step 9: Register for Classes & Confirm Schedule

General Information
CCP students are only allowed to take courses that are within their approved pathway(s). Students are also relegated to the allotted credits and restrictions within the disciplines.
 Students can confirm their approved pathway(s) and course schedule by logging into Self-Service or by scheduling a CCP Virtual Advising Appointment

CCP Course Request Form - 2022 Spring
Effective Monday, December 13, 2021, students must complete the CCP Course Request Form - 2022 Spring to request new/additional courses. 

CCP Registration Resources

Students are reminded to check their class schedule near the beginning of the start of courses. Courses are sometimes closed by the department which could affect your schedule.

NOTE: CCP Office can review and utilize AP Scores (official or unofficial) for registration purposes only. Please submit scores to [email protected] prior to registration to satisfy course prerequisites. Please feel free to submit an official AP Score Report to the Registration and Records Office to be evaluated for college credit. 

Registration Dates & Deadlines

  • October 1: Spring Enrollment Cycle Begins
  • October 20: Spring Schedule Available
  • November 1: CCP Self-Registration Begins (Registration opens @ 7:00AM)
  • December 5: CCP Self-Registration Deadline

Step 10: Final Steps & Attend Class

Obtain Wake Tech ID & Parking Decal
Students will need a WTCC Student ID Card even if they are an online student. For more information, visit Wake Tech ID Badges & Parking Decal.

Purchase Textbooks/Supplies/Course Materials
Career and College Promise (CCP) is a tuition free program, but students are responsible for textbooks, supplies, and course related fees. For more information, visit Wake Tech Official Bookstore.

Attend Class

Academic Resources