Foreign Language FAQs

I want to study a foreign language to transfer to a four-year university. What do I do?

For students beginning a new language, they should register for the beginning level of that language (FRE-111/181 or SPA 111/181). You do not need to take a placement test.

What university-level foreign languages are offered at Wake Tech? Which semester are they offered?

Wake Tech offers the following levels of French and Spanish. Students must complete one level to advance to the next one.

Language level
Required lab
French Elementary Level I (FRE 111)
FRE 181
Fall/Spring 16-week semester
French Elementary Level II (FRE 112)
FRE 182
Fall/Spring 16-week semester
French Intermediate Level I (FRE 211)
FRE 281
Spanish Elementary Level I (SPA 111)
SPA 181
Fall/Spring 16-week semester, Summer 8-week session
Spanish Elementary Level II (SPA 112)
SPA 182
Fall/Spring 16-week semester, Summer 8-week session
Intermediate Spanish I (SPA 211)
SPA 281
Fall/Spring 16-week semester, Summer 8-week session

All the sections of the foreign language course I want to take are full. What do I do?

During the drop/add period at the beginning of each semester, spaces sometimes open in classes. Before the start of the semester, the lecture courses (111, 112 and 211) have waiting lists.

I took elementary Spanish/French at my university. How do I register for the next level?

Email [email protected] and include your Wake Tech ID number and a copy of your transcript showing the credit received for your Spanish or French classes.

How do I take a French or Spanish placement exam?

Students who want to continue studying a language that they have previously studied take a placement test to determine the correct course in which to enroll. A placement test is taken only once, and results are used to determine course placement.

Once students begin the language sequence, they are encouraged to continue to follow the sequence until they have met their transfer degree path. Students should meet with an academic advisor to determine how credits earned through placement may affect their transfer status, degree completion and financial aid.

I have taken the Advanced Placement test. Do I need to take the placement exam at Wake Tech?

You will not need to take the placement test. Your AP test score will determine where you place, as well as any course credit to be posted to your transcript.

I just took the French or Spanish placement exam but am unable to enroll in the class. What's wrong?

Placement exam scores are keyed as soon as possible. Please check your student email for confirmation that you are able to register.

I was placed into a course that is too difficult/too easy for me. What should I do?

The Foreign Languages and Fine Arts Department's goal is to have students enrolled in the course that is at the right level for them. During the first week of the semester, students who are placed into a course level that is either too difficult or too easy should email Department Head Melania Aguirre-Rabon at [email protected].