Academic Foundations Department

Welcome to the Pre-Curriculum Department website. The Pre-Curriculum program is designed to prepare students for college-level coursework by helping them develop the reading, English, and mathematics skills required for entry in their curriculum courses. Any person who has a high school diploma or a GED may enroll in Pre-Curriculum courses. 

Students are placed in pre-curriculum coursework on the basis of their admissions test scores, upon the recommendation of their advisor or curriculum instructor, or by voluntary selection of courses. All students who require pre-curriculum coursework in more than one discipline will be required to take ACA 090. This Study Skills course has been designed for pre-curriculum students in an effort to improve their success in pre-curriculum and curriculum courses. Depending on their individual circumstances and with the approval of their advisor, students may take a combination of pre-curriculum and regular curriculum courses during the same term. The majority of pre-curriculum courses are offered every term, both day and evening.

For further information, please contact the department head, David Cooper, at 919-866-5635.