Courses parallel those taught in the first two years at a four-year college or university, in a range of disciplines that includes history, foreign languages, psychology, and fine arts. 

The AHSS Division offers two degrees--Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Fine Arts (AFA). These two degrees provide a solid general education foundation for students pursuing a four-year degree in a variety of disciplines, including business, education, communication, drama, English, history, humanities, philosophy, political science, religion, anthropology, psychology, sociology, art, music, Spanish, French, nursing, and professional programs requiring a liberal arts background.

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The faculty in the AHSS Division, with Masters and Doctorate Degrees from prominent universities, have expertise in many academic fields. They utilize this expertise with the fundamental purpose of helping students to reach and achieve their university transfer goals. The AHSS Division, like Wake Tech Community College overall, takes pride in its faculty's innovative and passionate promotion of student success.