Institutional Effectiveness & Research manages and supports ongoing assessment for the continuous improvement of Wake Tech's initiatives, programs and services. The aim is to foster a student-centered approach to assessment that uses the collection, analysis and reporting of multiple sources of data in service of students and their success. We also seek to engage and collaborate with stakeholders across the college so that each part of the assessment process is meaningful to every service area and department.

The department’s framework for assessment and evaluation is guided by the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle for continuous improvement.

Following each phase of the PDSA cycle allows for an assessment process that is both reflective and forward-looking. It encourages everyone involved in the process to think critically about the purpose of their area and to identify appropriate methods for gauging how well objectives have been met.

Through purposeful data collection and careful study, evidence can then be used productively in showcasing strengths, as well as in creating plans of action and plans for future assessment.

Any Wake Tech service area or department interested in learning more or strategizing about assessment for continuous improvement can contact the College Initiatives and Assessment Department, where staff members are available to provide support at any phase of the assessment process.