Institutional Review Board

The National Research Act, passed by Congress in 1974, directs all institutions receiving federal support for research and evaluation studies, including universities, public schools, hospitals and nonprofit organizations, to establish Institutional Review Boards (IRBs).

The purpose of the IRB is to review research requests conducted by Wake Tech employees or researchers from other institutions on its premises or under its sponsorship. The IRB will approve and regulate any proposed research protocol involving human subjects, including all behavioral or social research studies, which includes evaluation research.

Institutional Review Board members

Chair: Senior Vice President of Effectiveness and Innovation Services


  • General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Services
  • Senior Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services
  • Vice President of Curriculum Education
  • Vice President of Information Technology Services
  • Vice President of Workforce Continuing Education
  • Curriculum Education Registrar
  • Workforce Continuing Education Registrar
  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Accreditation, and Research
  • Dean of Government Relations and Strategic Partnerships

For IRB forms, call the office of the Senior Vice President of Effectiveness and Innovation Services at 919-866-5315.