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  1. Achieving high touch through high tech: A strategic deployment of online technology to improve educational experience and performance of minority students 
  2. Using online meeting technology to create non-instructional opportunities for online students 
  3. The value and challenges of using web conferencing technology to integrate online students into campus activities 
  4. Operation Graduating Gilbert and Whole Student Success 
  5. Synchronous Interaction Tools and Blended Learning
  6. Measure Thyself: A case study involving a self-observational method for assessing the fidelity of implementation of an educational intervention 
  7. Project COMPASS: Lessons Learned about and from Implementing an Experimental Study 
  8. Operation Graduating Gilbert: Student Perceptions of a Unique Course Design 
  9. Using Web Conferencing to Build a Persistent Virtual Campus Experience for Student Use
  10. Six High-Touch Processes for Improving Student Learning
  11. Web Conferencing Creates Highly Engaged Online Students in Introductory Psychology
  12. A simple way to gamify your courses for better student engagement 
  13. A Professional Profile of an Award-Winning Instructional Team 
  14. Using Texting Tools to Reinforce Communication in the Online Classroom 
  15. Web Conferencing Supports the Wake Tech High School Equivalency Program 
  16. Best Practices for Using Webinars in Online Teaching