Success Stories

"I am a Wake!"

What does it mean to be a Wake? It means you’re part of the Wake Tech family of students, graduates, and supporters throughout the community. It means you’re informed, engaged, enthusiastic about sharing what you know – and always continuing to learn.

Wake Tech changes lives. We offer relevant instruction by skilled and caring faculty, expert guidance, and the support students need to excel. Our graduates are sought after because they are competent and confident – whether skilled technicians, industry professionals, or adventurous entrepreneurs. Success stories of all kinds begin at Wake Tech!  

Hannah Moyles photo

A Scholarly Chef

Hannah Moyles - Class of 2016

"I look forward to coming to class now. That’s the difference."

Laura Fahnestock photo

Moving Up the Ranks

Laura Fahnestock - Class of 1989

"Work hard and good things will come to you."

Mae Siggins photo

Networking to Success

Mae Siggins - Class of 2016

“I love the professors at Wake Tech. They’re here to help you and invest in you.”

Johnny Wood Photo

A Focus on Technology

Johnny Wood - Class of 1994

“I always recommend Wake Tech!”

Enzo Codella photo

A New Home, a New Purpose

Enzo Codella - Class of 2016

“Wake Tech gave me the opportunity to outdo myself – inside and outside the classroom!”

Latesha Sharpe photo

A Scholar and a Leader

Latesha Sharpe - Class of 2016

"Wake Tech is where I found myself!”

Adam Purvis photo

Local Venture, Global Mission

Adam Purvis - Class of 2012

“The education you receive at Wake Tech will go as far as you want to take it!”