Wake Tech Media Coverage

Date Topic
06-30-2021 Graduados de escuelas podrían estudiar gratis en Wake Tech
06-29-2021 New Officers Join Kannapolis Police Department
06-25-2021 Wake Tech police academy grads welcomed as Triangle law enforcement deals with staff shortages
06-25-2021 NC’s class of 2021 high school graduates may be eligible for free community college
06-25-2021 Law enforcement graduates to enter workforce with Friday ceremony
06-16-2021 Wake Tech’s enrollment numbers on the rise again as adults coming out of pandemic look for training for new jobs
06-07-2021 "Wake Tech" on Spectrum News 1 North Carolina
06-04-2021 Telecom tower workers are in demand – Wake Tech launches program to train more
06-04-2021 "Wake Tech" on Spectrum News 1 North Carolina
06-04-2021 Wake Tech Helps Lead the Race to 5G
05-26-2021 Young women follow demand, money to train for careers in welding
05-26-2021 Reimagining Access
05-25-2021 HVAC professionals recommend spring maintenance to prepare for summer heat
05-23-2021 "Wake Tech" on Spectrum News
05-21-2021 "Wake Tech" on Spectrum News
05-17-2021 COVID-19 transformed the workplace: Are colleges and universities next?
05-14-2021 New jobs, expanded facilities part of Triangle transformation
05-13-2021 "Wake Tech" on CBS 17 News at 5:30PM
05-12-2021 How will the pandemic shape postsecondary education in North Carolina?
05-09-2021 "Wake Tech" on On the Record
05-09-2021 "Wake Tech" on ABC 11 Eyewitness News @ 9AM
05-08-2021 "Wake Tech" on CBS 17 News Saturday at 6pm
05-07-2021 "Wake Tech" on Spectrum News North Carolina
05-07-2021 Wake Tech nursing graduates prepare to enter workforce and frontlines of pandemic
05-07-2021 "Wake Tech" on Spectrum News Triad