Work-Based Learning (Co-op) is a great opportunity for students to learn valuable job skills and employability competencies related to their fields of study. In addition to gaining work experience, students can network with professionals and develop references for the future job search – all while earning college credit!

Work Schedule

The program is flexible, to accommodate student and employer schedules. Students typically work part time, from 10 to 30 hours per week (depending on credit hours), while attending school.

Work-based learning experiences may or may not be paid, depending on the employer. Wake Tech encourages employers to pay students in the program whenever possible.


Work-based learning experiences offer many benefits:

  • Valuable work experience
  • Opportunities to apply classroom instruction to actual practice
  • Help with career exploration and selection
  • Job search skills such as resume preparation, interviewing techniques, and networking
  • Life skills such as responsibility, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving
  • Income to cover school and other expenses 

Eligibility Criteria

Students interested in the program must complete the Work-Based Learning Application and meet with their faculty advisors to discuss program and department requirements.

To be eligible, students must:

  1. Be currently enrolled in an approved program of study offering Work-Based Learning.
  2. Have completed 14 credit hours at Wake Tech in the major requirements area of their program of study.
  3. Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher; some departments may require higher.
  4. Meet any additional requirements of the appropriate academic department(s).
  5. Obtain approval from their faculty advisor.
  6. Have legal authorization to work in the United States.

Credit Hours

Work-Based Learning classes typically offer one or two credit hours, depending on the program of study. Students work 160 hours in a semester (10 hours per week over 16 weeks) for a one-credit-hour class, or 320 hours (20 hours per week over 16 weeks) for a two-credit-hour class. A limited number of programs have classes offering three credit hours. 


Work-Based Learning (Co-op) classes are graded Pass/Fail, contingent on evaluations, the meeting of learning objectives for the class, and the completion of required work hours. All documentation is submitted to the Work-Based Learning Coordinator. 

To learn more, call Kathy Myrick at 919-866-5693 or email at [email protected]
We look forward to assisting you with your career path!