How to Apply for Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning (WBL) starts at the beginning of every semester – August, January and May. Because the program offers curriculum credit, planning is required. The earlier you start the application process, the more likely you will be to secure the position you want and start working in time to complete the required hours.

Find out if your program of study offers WBL classes as required courses or as electives:

  • Review the list of approved programs with WBL options
  • Review your program evaluation by logging in to WebAdvisor with your Key Account ID and password to find out if Work-Based Learning (Co-op) is listed. Look for "COE" or "WBL."
  • Contact the WBL director or your faculty advisor. 

Application process

  • Identify your areas of interest as they relate to the WBL  experience and how they align with your program of study. Keep in mind that the purpose of the WBL experience is to gain insight into your career field, put into practice skills that you've acquired in your classes, gain practical work experience to put on your resume, make connections to professionals in your field and affirm that this aligns with your career aspirations.
    It is also important for students to take action if they fall under circumstances such as the following:
    • If a student has a disability, it is recommended that the student visit the Disability Support Services Office at the time of submission of their application to obtain assistance with any need for accommodations in order to have a successful WBL experience.
    • If a student is an international student, he or she will need to meet with the Office of International Students to obtain permission before beginning the application process. U.S. law requires employers to verify the legal work eligibility of all new employees within three days of employment. If you are here on any visa other than a work visa, please meet with the Office of International Students to discuss if you may be able to obtain permission.
  • Complete the Work-Based Learning Application by the deadline for the semester you plan to begin:
    • July 1 for Fall semester
    • November 1 for Spring semester
    • April 1 for Summer term

    NOTE: Some departments have earlier application deadlines. Contact Work-Based Learning Director Kathy Frederick if you cannot meet deadlines because of extenuating circumstances.
  • Meet with your faculty coordinator to clarify your goals and expectations of the WBL experience and to discuss the optimal semester for you to participate. You will learn about the documents that you must submit prior to registering for your WBL course. You may also be given a list of previous work sites to contact for your WBL experience. (If you are interested in using your current employer, please provide a job description to your faculty coordinator to help determine the eligibility of the work site.)
  • Start your job search. While we cannot guarantee employment to any student seeking a work-based learning experience, we offer resources and guidance for your job search.
  • Work with a career specialist in Career Services to create or update your resume and learn how to write a cover letter. Be sure to take advantage of doing practice interview as well to help you present your best image when you meet with an individual at a potential work site to apply for an opportunity. The career specialist can also assist you with how to follow up after you have submitted your resume and how to send a thank you note after you've been interviewed.
    As a curriculum education student at Wake Tech, you have access to an online job board through Handshake.
  • Once you have selected the sites that best align with your areas of interest and goals for the WBL program, submit your resume to organizations within the time frame that is recommended by your faculty coordinator, based upon the semester that you participate in WBL.
    Be sure to keep a record of places where you have sent your resume that include the dates you submitted your resume and cover letter, whom you sent your resume to and what type of response you received. Be sure to copy your faculty coordinator on the correspondences that you have with potential work sites. If you have submitted your resume and cover letter to an organization and more than five business days pass without a response, you might need to follow up with a phone call to the organization to verify that it was received.
    Generally speaking, it is a good idea to consider more than one work site for your WBL experience and apply as early as possible.
  • Once you have been offered and accept placement for your WBL experience, please notify your faculty coordinator. There are two additional WBL forms that must be completed by you and your supervisor at your WBL site (Form 1275 and Form 1564). You should work with your faculty coordinator to obtain assistance in writing your Measurable Learning Objectives for Form 1275.
  • Submit your completed and signed forms (Form 1275 and Form 1564) to your faculty coordinator. Upon receipt of these documents, your faculty coordinator will give you an override to register for your WBL course.
  • Register and pay for your WBL course by the deadline to avoid being dropped. Check in with your supervisor at your work site about your first day to ensure that you know the correct time to arrive, proper attire to wear and any other items that must be completed  prior to the start of the WBL experience.
  • If anything changes with your WBL site or your ability to participate in the WBL program before the start of the semester, immediately notify your faculty coordinator of these changes.