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Students: Please contact your faculty advisor or the department WBL Faculty Coordinator to determine if Work-Based Learning is offered in your program of study and if you are eligible. To find the Faculty Coordinator, see list below. For more information, contact Kathy Frederick Work-Based Learning Director.

Any Wake Tech student who applies for admission to the Work-Based Learning program by the posted deadline and is denied admission to the program for the stated semester may appeal the decision by following the steps below.

  1. Make an appointment with the Director of Work-Based Learning/WBL Faculty Coordinator to review the eligibility criteria and discuss the reason for denial.
  2. If you do not agree with the decision for denial as explained by Director of WBL/WBL Faculty Coordinator, you may schedule an appointment with the Division Dean for your program of study who will review the decision with you and WBL Director/WBL Faculty Coordinator.  The Division Dean will have the authority to agree with the decision to deny the application or may override the decision and approve your application. 
  3. If you do not agree with the decision made by the Division Dean, you may elect to meet with the Provost who will review the decision and make a final ruling as to the approval or denial your application for the WBL program.

If you are in need of business clothing for interviews and work, Wake County offers a Network of Care (Resources)

Employers: For information on posting job opportunities for our students, please contact Kathy Frederick in the Work-Based Learning Office.

Faculty Coordinators

Applied Engineering Technologies Division (AET)

Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration

Jimmy Freeman [email protected]

Architectural Technology

Phillip Jefferson [email protected]

Biopharmaceutical Technology

Jill Mikulecky

Civil Engineering Technology

Beth Ihnatolya [email protected]

Electrical Engineering Technology 

John Clevenger [email protected]

Electrical Systems Technology

Mark Vitacco [email protected]

Interior Design

Andrea Bachi [email protected]

Heavy Equipment and Transportation Technology 

Ruby Hawley [email protected]
Dennis Blake [email protected]

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mark Vitacco [email protected]


Jonathan Lowery [email protected]

Business and Public Services Technologies Division (BUS)


Natalie Young [email protected]

Baking and Pastry Arts / Culinary Arts

Jeff Hadley [email protected]

Business Administration

Mark Monsky [email protected]
Danielle DiMichelo [email protected]

Criminal Justice Technology

Janie Slaughter [email protected]  

Hospitality Management

Jane Broden [email protected]

Supply Chain Management

Natalie Young [email protected]

Computer Technology Division (CT)

Advertising/Graphic Design

Julie Evans [email protected]

Computer Science / Database Management

Carolyn DeSimone [email protected]
Norene Kemp [email protected]

Network and Computer Technologies

Carolyn DeSimone [email protected]

Office Administration

Kim Olds [email protected]

Medical Office Administration

Beverly Bartholomew [email protected]

Simulation & Game Development

Cindy Foster [email protected]

Web Development/Web Design

Nicolas D'Agata

Health Sciences Division

Health / Fitness

Liz Cahoon [email protected]

Human Services Technologies

Rasha Mohamed [email protected]