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Students: Please contact your faculty advisor or the department WBL Faculty Coordinator to determine if Work-Based Learning is offered in your program of study and if you are eligible. To find the Faculty Coordinator, see list below. For more information, contact Kathy Frederick Work-Based Learning Director.

    Employers: For information on posting job opportunities for our students, please contact Kathy Frederick in the Work-Based Learning Office.

    Faculty Coordinators

    Applied Engineering Technologies Division (AET)

    Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration

    Jimmy Freeman [email protected]

    Architectural Technology

    Phillip Jefferson [email protected]

    Biopharmaceutical Technology

    Jill Mikulecky

    Civil Engineering Technology

    Beth Ihnatolya [email protected]

    Construction Management Technology

    Chuck Wolfe [email protected]

    Electrical Engineering Technology 

    Byron Latil [email protected]

    Electrical Systems Technology

    Juan Benitez [email protected]

    Interior Design

    Andrea Bachi [email protected]

    Mechanical Engineering Technology

    Steve Hudnut [email protected]


    Jimmy Freeman [email protected]


    Jonathan Lowery [email protected]

    Business and Public Services Technologies Division (BUS)


    Natalie Young [email protected]

    Baking and Pastry Arts / Culinary Arts

    Jeff Hadley [email protected]

    Business Administration

    Mark Monsky [email protected]

    Hospitality Management

    Jeff Hadley [email protected]

    Supply Chain Management

    Natalie Young [email protected]

    Health Sciences Division

    Health / Fitness

    Liz Cahoon [email protected]

    Human Services Technologies

    Rasha Mohamed [email protected]

    Transportation Technologies Division

    Agricultural Systems Technology

    Paige Kearns [email protected]

    Automotive Systems Technology

    Gerry Egan

    Construction Equipment Systems Technology

    Paige Kearns [email protected]

    Heavy Equipment and Transportation Technology 

    Ruby Hawley [email protected]

    Information Technology Division (IT)

    Advertising/Graphic Design

    Julie Evans [email protected]

    Business Analytics 

    Norene Kemp [email protected]

    Cloud Infrastructure

    Joan Copperthwaite [email protected]

    Computer Science / Database Management

    Cindy Halliday [email protected]


    Carolyn DeSimone [email protected]

    IT Service and Support

    Matt Henry [email protected]

    Medical Office Administration

    Natasha Trent [email protected]

    Network and Computer Technologies

    Carolyn DeSimone [email protected]

    Office Administration

    Jackie Wiggins [email protected]

    Simulation & Game Development

    Aurore Wold [email protected]

    Web Development/Web Design

    Nicholas D'Agata [email protected]
    James Mulholland [email protected]