Electrical Systems Technology Certificates

The Electrical Systems Technology certificates are created as stackable credentials that work towards the culmination of the AAS degree.  Classes required for the completion of a certificate may have pre-requisites that fall outside the parameter of the certificate requirements. Wake Tech offers the following certificates within Electrical Systems Technology:

  • The Commercial Wiring Certificate is the second tier in understanding the National Electric Code as well as how to install commercial wiring systems. The students will learn how to bend conduit, install raceways, and use the NEC to calculate wiring sizing for residential and commercial applications.

  • The Industrial Wiring Certificate is the third tier in the wiring certificates. This certificate focuses on the NEC as is applies to industrial installations including hazardous locations and installing rigid conduit. Students will also work with transformers and programmable logic controllers used in the industry.

  • The Renewable Energy Certificate provides knowledge of alternative and renewable energy that will not only help the environment, but can provide power for entire communities, countries, and even the world. This certificate is also the third tier in understanding the NEC. The focus of the certificate is hands-on Photovoltaic Systems training and how they can be applied to harness the energy from the sun in accordance with the NAMCEP standards.

  • The Residential Wiring Certificate will introduce students to the National Electric Code and how it applies to residential applications. The students will learn how to install residential circuits, interpret the NEC and read blueprints for the residential installations.

  • The Wiring Methods Certificate is a mixture of both residential and commercial certificates that focus on the wiring methods for each type of installation. The student will as learn how to interpret the National Electrical Code as if applies to residential and commercial installations and calculations.