Clinic Patient Information

Have your teeth cleaned and support the Dental Hygiene program!

The Dental Hygiene Clinic accepts patients of all ages beginning with children age 4 and older for cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, and radiographs. Patients are screened to determine eligibility and treatment needed. Some patients may not be appropriate for treatment in the clinic, and appointments cannot be guaranteed; availability varies by semester, according to the number of dental hygiene students enrolled. 

  • Clinic hours change each semester based on scheduled classes
  • Treatment is by appointment only
  • Screening appointments are usually 1-2 hours long
  • Cleanings take 2-5 visits on average; each visit may be 3-4 hours long
  • Referrals will be given for additional dental work needed. 
Clinic Location:
Wake Tech Perry Health Sciences Campus
Health Sciences Building- 2nd floor
2901 Holston Lane, Raleigh

For more information or to schedule an appointment:
919-747-0126 Fax: 919-212-3261 [email protected]

Patient Consent, Rights, Responsibilities, Scope of Care

  • A document has been created to outline the services provided in the clinic, what can be expected by the patient, and what the patient responsibilities are toward the clinic.  The patient will sign a copy of this document, agreeing to the terms, at the first visit to the clinic.  The document is attached for review ahead of the first visit.
    Read Dental Hygiene Client Document
  • Please understand that student clinicians, faculty and staff are not allowed to accept gifts of any kind for services rendered.

Child/Adolescent Policies

  • Children/Adolescents 4-17 years of age being treated in the clinic must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who remains in the reception area/clinic at all times. 
  • Patients are requested not to bring children to appointments unless they are being treated as a patient in the clinic.  Children under 15 are not allowed to sit in the reception area or any other area on the Wake Tech Campus unsupervised and may not sit in the clinic while a parent/adult is being treated. Please arrange for childcare while attending appointments.
  • It is preferred that parents/legal guardians remain in the reception area while their child is being treated and not remain in the clinic.

Payments and Treatment Fees

  • Payment may be made in cash or by check or debit/credit card
  • Payment must be made prior to any services being rendered in the clinic
  • Patients with dental insurance are responsible for filing their own insurance claims 

Dental Hygiene Clinic Patient Treatment Fees

Wake Tech Code

Procedure/Service Description
Wake Tech Fee
Typical Fee
 SCRN DH Screening for Case Classification NC NC
D0210 Intraoral – FMX (includes bitewings) $15 $146.83
D0220 Intraoral – Periapical X-Ray first image $1 $29.33
D0230 Intraoral – Periapical X-Ray each additional image $1 $27.33
D0270 Bitewing – Single Image $1 $20.80
D0272 Bitewings – 2 Image Set $2 $47.50
D0274 Bitewings – 4 Image Set $5 $67.83
D0277 Vertical Bitewings – 4-7 Image Set $5 $121.00
D0330 Panoramic Image $10 $121.33
D0350 Oral/Facial Photographic Images (Intraoral Camera) NC $63.50
INDEX Plaque Index NC NC
D1310 Nutritional Counseling NC $33.00
D1320 Tobacco Counseling NC $63.50
D1330 Oral Hygiene Instruction NC $54.00
D9931 Cleaning Removable Appliance [partial/ denture/ orthodontic appl/ night guard] NC NC
Alginate Alginate Impressions for Study Models NC NC
D0470 Study Models – diagnostic casts NC $131.33
Model Present Study Models NC NC
TOPICAL Topical Anesthesia NC NC
D9210 Local Anesthesia NC $68.00
USONIC Ultrasonic Scaler Used NC NC
D1110 Prophylaxis-ADULT without fluoride $20 $89.50
D1120 Prophylaxis-CHILD without fluoride $15 $67.67
D4341 Perio Scaling and Root Planing per quad List Quad(s):
All 4 quads = $20
$5 $262.33
D4342 Perio Scaling and Root Planing limited quad = 1-3 teeth List Quad(s): $3 $163.20
D4921 Sub-gingival Irrigation NC NC  
D4930 Re-Evaluation of Perio Services (4-6 week check) NC $123.00
Air Polish Air Abrasive Polishing NC NC
Polish Rotary Polishing NC NC
D1203 Fluoride without Prophylaxis – Child NC $42.50
D1204 Fluoride without Prophylaxis – Adult NC $44.00
D1206 Topical Fluoride Varnish NC $40.17
D1351 Sealant per Tooth $2 ea $56.33

Typical Fee information obtained from Raleigh-Durham area dental offices and an average fee noted; not all offices charge for procedures - NC = no charge; averages are taken for offices that do charge per procedure.  Treatment Cases That Will Be Offered a Discount for Any/All Treatment in the Wake Tech Dental Hygiene Clinic 

Case/Category/Description Discount Comments
Wake Tech Active Students 100%
Students actively enrolled during the semester of treatment
 Wake Tech Dental Hygiene Graduates 50% Graduate from Wake Tech dental hygiene program
Wake Tech Active Employees, Faculty and Staff 50% He/she needs to show Wake Tech ID card to authorize a discount
Active, Reserve, Retired Military Personnel, and their Dependents 50% He/she needs to show a military ID card to authorize a discount