Agricultural Systems Technology Degrees & Programs

Agricultural Systems Technology

Wake Tech's Agriculture Systems Technology programs help prepare students to maintain and repair specialized farm, ranch and agribusiness power equipment and vehicles. Degree and program offerings include the following:

AAS - Associate in Applied Science program (WT Course ID #: A60410)

Agricultural Systems Technology is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to repair agricultural equipment. The course work includes diesel engines, power trains, hydraulics, electrical systems, and fuel systems. Other topics include time management, inventory, and parts control. Graduates of the curriculum should qualify for entry-level employment opportunities in a dealership as technicians qualified to be contributing members of the work team.

Diploma program (WT Course ID #: D60410)

Diploma program in Agriculture Systems Technology.   Program prepares individuals to maintain and repair specialized farm, ranch, and agribusiness power equipment and vehicles. It includes instruction in the principles of diesel, combustion, electrical, steam, hydraulic, and mechanical systems and their application to the maintenance of terrestrial and airborne crop-spraying equipment; tractors and hauling equipment; planting and harvesting equipment; cutting equipment; power sources and systems for silos; irrigation and pumping equipment; dairy, feeding, and shearing operations; and processing systems. 

John Deere Agricultural Technicians 

You've got the talent, the skills, and the interest. You like working with your hands, solving problems, and getting the most out everything you work on. You're perfect for John Deere TECH, the John Deere agriculture and turf dealer technician training program.

All you'll need to enter this two-year associate's degree program is a high school diploma or equivalent. You'll team up with a dealer sponsor and participating school for a combination of classroom and hands-on training that will prepare you for a long and rewarding career at a John Deere dealership