Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct strives to provide students with an opportunity to learn from behavior that may impact them negatively on campus and within the community at large. Student Conduct provides service to students, as well as the campus community at large, by addressing conduct concerns through the following means:

  • Providing help in the growth, distribution, clarification and administration of the college's student conduct policies
  • Warranting that a student's right to due process is applied impartially, constantly and effectively
  • Working in partnership with college personnel to address student conduct concerns
  • Providing learning opportunities for those who actively engage in the conduct process
  • Providing alternative approaches to resolving conflicts and future violations of the Student Code of Conduct 

In doing so, we work to instill the college's core values of accountability, respect, responsibility, communication, collaboration and critical thinking, as well as supporting a safe and effective learning environment for all.