Mission Statement

The mission of Wake Technical Community College is to improve and enrich lives by meeting the lifelong education, training, and workforce development needs of the communities it serves; to promote individual success in the workplace and in higher education; and to increase entrepreneurship as well as cultural, social, and economic development.

In pursuit of its mission, the college adheres to an open door admissions policy by offering quality, accessible, and affordable education opportunities to all adults regardless of age, sex, socioeconomic status, ethnic origin, race, religion, or disability. To meet the needs of the citizens of Wake County, the college focuses on providing support services, resources, community outreach and partnerships; programs in basic skills development; vocational, technical, and occupational training; and college/university transfer preparation.


At Wake Technical Community College, our vision is a college that exceeds the expectations of our stakeholders for effective lifelong education, training and workforce development by providing world-class programs and services.


Wake Technical Community College will structure its operations, training and educational programs around the Core Values of accountability, respect, responsibility, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

  • Accountability is essential for an environment of learning. Those who are accountable stand by their words and actions, taking full responsibility for what they create and for what they contribute to the community.
  • Respect is a prerequisite for enhancing learning. Community members who respect themselves and others help create a safe, yet open, climate of learning.
  • Responsibility is the root of success. Students who assume personal responsibility for their education will reach their goals. Responsible students also make contributions to their communities.
  • Critical thinking is the fundamental purpose of higher education. The ability to solve problems through the application of the appropriate skills is critical to all disciplines.
  • Communication is increasingly the key competency for living and working in the information age. Communicating effectively in oral and written forms through traditional and new media is a powerful tool for personal and career success.
  • Collaboration, by bringing together individual knowledge and talents, creates teams that are greater than the sum of their parts. Such teamwork maximizes benefits to individuals and the community.

College Goals

Wake Tech’s commitment to the economic vitality of the county and region is and intertwined in our day to day activities. The Wake Tech of the future will achieve prominence by investing in a commitment to:

  • Goal 1: Student Success
    Wake Tech will provide students with a safe and dynamic learning environment through policies, curricula, instruction, and support services that are responsive to their needs and focused on improving completion rates in programs that prepare them for employment or transfer to a four year institution.
  • Goal 2: Workforce Development
    Wake Tech will promote economic growth, job creation, and entrepreneurship through educational partnerships that provide citizens with the skills necessary for success in a transformational economy. Partnerships will include business, industry and the public school system.
  • Goal 3: Diverse Learning Needs
    Wake Tech will provide citizens with opportunities to develop and upgrade essential skills for lifelong learning and the workplace through flexible, accessible, and customized educational and training programs.
  • Goal 4: Resources
    Wake Tech will continuously research, analyze and secure the resources necessary to fulfill the mission of the College.
  • Goal 5: Community Services
    Wake Tech will provide courses and support services for personal enrichment and lifelong learning and centered around the community's civic, economic, and cultural needs.