Academic Integrity Tutorial

The Academic Integrity Tutorial has been created by the University of Maryland University College. These tutorials will help you better understand what academic integrity is and how to avoid it.   The information has not been altered in any way by the Office of Student Conduct. 

Completion of Modules 1-4 and obtaining a score of 80 or higher is required. You will not be required to complete all of the modules at one time.  Progress will be saved as you work your way through the modules.  Therefore, you can start and begin where you left off to complete the modules.

Instructions for Completing the Academic Integrity Tutorial

  1. Click on Academic Integrity Tutorial
  2. Adobe Flash will need to be enabled
  3. Complete all four modules
  4. Take the quiz
  5. After scoring 80 or higher, you must provide all 4 Certificates of Completion via email, to the Conduct Officer that gave you the assignment (Screenshots and PDF files are acceptable).