Financial Documents

Instructions For Completing Financial Documentation To Qualify For An I-20

Refer to this page when completing the Affidavit of Support (Attachment D) and when obtaining supporting evidence of financial support from your bank. Similar documentation will be required by the U.S. Consulate or Embassy with your application for a non-immigrant visa.


  1. A notarized Affidavit of Support (Attachment D) – completed by your parent or sponsor. 

    * In #9 your sponsor must write a clear statement of intention to support you. For example, “I intend to provide all educational and living expenses for (applicant’s name) for the duration of his or her studies.”

    *The signature of your sponsor must be notarized or certified by a public official.
  2. An original letter from your sponsor’s bank or financial institution, issued within three months, giving the following information: 
  3. Date the letter was issued.
  4. Account holder's name.
  5. Current account balance (showing a minimum of $29,350 on deposit).
  6. Foreign currency code or U.S. dollar equivalent.
  7. This letter must be on bank stationery and signed by a bank official. A photocopy or original copy of your sponsor’s monthly bank statement or income DOES NOT QUALIFY! 

    Sample Bank Letter

If you plan to support yourself (no sponsor), an Affidavit of Support (Attachment D) is not required. You must, however, submit a letter from your bank with the above information and the bank account must be in your name.

If you have a family member or friend who lives in the Raleigh area and plans to provide you with housing free of charge, that person must submit an Affidavit of Financial Support Form for International Students (Attachment D). In #9 of the form, a clear statement of intention to provide room & board free of charge for the duration of studies must be written and the signature must be notarized. In such a case, the estimated living expenses of $10,350 per year do not have to be documented. The blank Affidavit of Support form may be duplicated for this purpose (or if you have multiple sponsors).

*If your financial documentation is insufficient, you will not be issued an I-20.