Estimated Expenses



Spring Summer Total
(1 year)
Tuition & Fees $4,456 $4,456 $2,830 $11,742
Books & Supplies $750 $750 $750 $2,250
Living Expenses       $10,350
Transportation       $3,000
Medical Insurance       $500
Personal/Misc.       $1,500
Total Expenses       $29,342*

* To simplify, this figure is rounded to $29,350/year of study.

The above estimates are based on costs for a full-time single student. Any student who plans to bring dependents with him or her to the U.S. will have to document additional funds to accommodate increased living expenses and health insurance costs.** Tuition and fees are fixed costs subject to increase at any time by the N.C. State Legislature. The other items are estimates and should be considered as the minimum.

** Additional Funds for dependents:

  1. spouse (husband or wife) - $5,000
  2. children - $2,000 per child

The complete namebirth date and country of birth of each dependent must be recorded on the Affidavit of Support (Attachment D) under number two, include a copy of the dependents' passport photo page with the expiration date (if applicable), and birth certificate(s)/marriage certificate with certified translations.  This information is essential for completing the dependents' I-20 .


*In order to qualify for an I-20, a single student must document at least $29,350 in available funding per year. Students with dependents must document additional funding. Tuition and book expenses are paid per semester. Living expenses are not paid to the College, but must be documented as available to qualify for the I-20.

*Students should not expect to be able to support themselves through part-time employment while they study. For the first academic year, the only employment opportunity available to F-1 students is on- campus employment and this is extremely limited at Wake Tech (only about five on-campus positions are available for 350 enrolled international students).  After the first academic year, limited off-campus employment opportunities are available for some students.  Almost no employment opportunities are available for students who hold an I-20 for English as a Foreign Language studies.

*Inadequate financial support will result in failure to maintain F-1 student status and possible deportation from the U.S.   Please be sure that your financial resources or those of your sponsor are readily available to meet your educational and living expenses throughout your studies.