WakeWorks Apprenticeship

WakeWorks® Apprenticeship is a partnership between Wake Tech and Wake County to address a shortage of technical workers in the region while giving students a unique opportunity to earn an income while learning new skills.

Apprentices can gain on-the-job training at local employers, learning sought-after skills in various fields and garnering industry-recognized credentials and degrees – all while earning a paycheck. Registered apprenticeships require 2,000 hours of training and 144 hours of classroom instruction, and many lead to permanent employment. Apprentices are awarded an official Journeyworker’s certificate upon completion of the apprenticeship, signifying they have mastered the skills in their field.

Businesses find that apprenticeships can offer a competitive edge, serve as a powerful tool in developing a workforce tailored to their unique needs and provide a foundation for growth. Hiring an apprentice can mean the difference between meeting market demand and lagging and can be critical to future success.

Students/ Building Futures

Building futures

Apprenticeships offer opportunities for students to earn while they learn – and to get a leg up on employment and workplace success.

Employers. Building Businesses

Building businesses

Companies know that skilled workers are critical to their success. WakeWorks® Apprenticeship helps local industry meet their staffing needs.

Thanks to funding provided by Wake County, the cost of tuition, fees, books, uniforms and tools for students accepted into a WakeWorks® apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship programs is covered.

For more information, email [email protected]. Employers interested in starting an apprenticeship may contact John Wojcik at 919-335-1225 or [email protected].

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