Degrees & Pathways in Mechanical Engineering Technology

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AAS - Associate in Applied Science program (WT Course ID #: A40320)

The Mechanical Engineering Technology curriculum provides a broad and diverse educational experience. Course work includes computer-aided drafting and design, applied mechanics, materials engineering, quality control, manufacturing methods and processes, computer usage, mathematics, physics, and oral and written communications. The courses will stress critical thinking, planning and problem-solving.

Certificates program (WT Course ID #: C40320G)

The Additive Manufacturing Certificate will help students understand modeling and manufacturing processes used in additive manufacturing such as 3D printing.

Certificates program (WT Course ID #: C40320D)

The Materials Engineering Certificate will provide students with an understanding of engineering materials and processes

Certificates program (WT Course ID #: C40320B)

Study of design elements for CAD users

Certificates program (WT Course ID #: C40320H)

C40320H: Mechanical Drafting

Certificates program (WT Course ID #: C40320I)

Mechatronics Certificate

Certificates program (WT Course ID #: C40320C)

The Thermal Mechanics Certificate provides a refresher or a concentration in thermal sciences.